Windows is still the dominant operating system, especially in businesses. That means there may be times when you need to run Windows programs on Mac. By using a Windows desktop in the cloud, you are able to work anywhere on an Apple device such as a MacBook pro or iMac. Therefore, you don’t need clunky Windows emulators or expensive Windows virtualization software for Mac anymore.

Your desktop in the cloud for macOS

Desktops in the cloud let you run one (e.g. Windows) computer inside another (e.g. Mac). Using Cloudalize (your GPU powered Desktop-as-a-Service) platform, you can now run an entire Windows 10 virtual PC on macOS without having to install expensive software or give up on your Apple environment. You will get access to a fully pre-installed and pre-configured virtual Windows environment and this all without consuming any of the performance of your local device. Moreover, you can use the virtual environment as a regular Windows machine. This means that you have full administrative rights to install any software on your virtual machine for macOS. Besides this, it’s also possible to connect to and manage USB and other devices. Furthermore, Cloudalize gives you the possibility to switch between the two operating systems with a click of your mouse without leaving your favourite macOS behind. Moreover, it gives you the extra power of the GPU in the cloud. And you only pay for what you use and for the GPU performance you need.

We compared the performance between using Boot Camp to install Microsoft Windows on you Mac, using Windows OS virtualization software on your Mac that’s running macOS, and using a Cloudalize cloud desktop.


Boot Camp (Windows OS on Mac hardware)
 Virtualization (Windows OS in a macOS)
Cloudalize workstation
 Local Loss in performanceFast
Memory Local memory Lack of memory Lots of memory
Performance Depends on local hardware Loss in performance Very high performance
Accidental damage
 Everything is lost Everything is lost You can continue working
Internet connectivity


LicenseBuy a Windows licenseBuy virtualization software + Windows license
Pay what you use
Team storage
NoneNoneShare with everyone


Lengthy installation processLengthy installation processFast deployment

Read more about using Cloudalize cloud computing for running Windows applications on your macOS here. Would you like to try Windows on macOS right now? Sign up and get started with your own Cloudalize virtual desktop here: