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About us

Our full-stack GPU-powered Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) is specifically designed for exceptional performance, catering to the demands of complex AI and 3D/CGI workflows. Having fostered a 12-year partnership with the market leader in parallel computing, we have meticulously refined our cloud stack platform. This optimization enables dynamic balancing between performance and effective utilisation, ensuring that it caters to diverse end-user workloads within a single system. Consequently, our platform guarantees a high ROI and a quicker time-to-value for our esteemed customers.

In addition to our robust system architecture, what truly differentiates us is our commitment to customization. We understand the unique needs of our clients. To that end, whether clients wish to host their private clouds in their preferred data centre or opt for one of ours, we provide a tailored solution.

We are entering an era where AI, IoT, and machine-generated data are at the forefront. These technologies are shaping the creation of interactive digital twins of our world. This heralds a new paradigm of spatial intelligence. And driving this transformation is our Cloudalize platform.

Cloudalize’s founders Benny Willen (left) and Jeffrey Meesemaecker (right) are two cutting-edge entrepreneurs features in the upcoming book ‚Cutting-edge entrepreneurs‘ by Eric Kenis. The book gives a great sneak preview into the near future by presenting the stories, insights and learnings of 40 of Belgium’s most innovative entrepreneurs. Picture taken by Jonas Lampens for the book by #erickenis.

Benny Willen (CEO & Co-founder) and Jeffrey Meesemaecker (CTO & Co-founder).

External Validation

Cloudalize is a registered and valued partner with Epic Games and NIVDIA.

Epic Games

Cloudalize was awarded with an Epic Games MegaGrant for the co-creation of a service on the cloudalize platform to distribute Unreal Engine based content on any device by streaming


Cloudalize was the first certified GRID CSP partner of NVIDIA, working closely together as explained in this 1 hour webinar with NVIDIA about NVIDIA Omniverse
View webinar with NVIDIA