Cloud Solutions

Build the Future: Better, Faster & Secure with Cloudalize

Cloudalize offers unmatched and personalised cloud solutions for enterprise and education. The Cloudalize Cloud Platform is built on unique and proprietary technology powered by graphical-processing units (GPU). Unlike public cloud from other well-known players, the Cloudalize Cloud Platform is completely private and secure cloud only available to Cloudalize customers.

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Cloud Workstations

Scalable, Powerful & on any Device

A Cloudalize Cloud Workstation is the new way of working or learning remotely or at a distance with highly-specialised software, tools and applications. It transforms your humble device into a high-spec supercomputer.

On-demand high-quality computing resources
Work or learn anywhere on any device

Delivered over the Internet: 4G, 5G or Wi-Fi

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Cloud Workstations are Cloudalize's Desktop-as-a-Service solution bringing faster and more processing power for remote working and distance learning.

Kubernetes GPU Cloud

Power & Ready-to-Go Kubernetes (K8s)

Kubernetes GPU Cloud offers a pre-configured Kubernetes platform powered by GPU for faster and more efficient operations. Cloudalize’s Kubernetes GPU Cloud enables a business or educational institution to set up and build AI to meet the challenges of the future.

Straightforward deployment of computational resources
Fully managed and on-demand

Access to self-service production-grade Kubernetes clusters

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Cloudalize Kubernetes K8 containers powered by the latest GPU on the Cloud. Kubernetes GPU Cloud is cost-effective, straightforward, next-generation cutting-edge technology for enabling Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) for DevOps and Data Scientists

Features of the Cloud Platform

The Cloudalize Cloud Platform gives you the freedom to build and deploy on demand directly from Cloudalize’s secure data centres. It integrates with many environments and brings flexible mobile and straightforward cloud already to many industries and has many features which decision makers, end users and partners will love.  

The Cloudalize Cloud Platform delivers 1,000 more power than CPU-driven virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI).

Powerful Technology

Greater speed and processing power thanks to GPU technology

Budget-friendly Cloud with premium features for business and education

Budget Friendly

Greater speed and processing power thanks to GPU technology

Maximum scalability and flexibility for distance learning and remote working from the Cloudalize Cloud Platform

Rapid & Scalable

On-demand and ready-to-go directly when you need it

When you buy Cloudalize, you obtain a premium service for your cloud implementation and IT expertise. not VDI

Professional Service

No flapping around: built, managed and services by the Cloudalize experts

Trust & Security

Protection of your data is paramount. The Cloudalize Cloud Platform is totally private and secure while delivering you the premium service and agility of the Cloud to meet your goals and objectives. Cloudalize guarantees marketing-leading security protocols – including ISO and SOC – to protect your business or institution from the most challenging of cyber security threats.

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Cloudalize takes security seriously. Private GPU Cloud supports the highest security protocols and has SAML 2.0 compatible authentication.

Cloudalize Storage Services

The Cloudalize Cloud Platform integrates with many storage options to meet the demands of modern business and education. Our expert team has carefully selected them to compliment our solutions and features to deliver you the best quality cloud service.  

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Cloudalize brings simple, flexible and mobile cloud storage options to your business.