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Cloud Solutions


Cloud Workstations (DaaS)

Scalable, Powerful and on any Device

A Cloudalize Cloud Workstation is the new way of working or learning remotely or at a distance with highly-specialised software, tools and applications. It transforms your humble device into a high-spec supercomputer.

On-demand high-quality computing resources
Work or learn anywhere on any device

Delivered over the Internet: 4G, 5G or Wi-Fi

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Cloud Workstations are Cloudalize's Desktop-as-a-Service solution bringing faster and more processing power for remote working and distance learning.

Application as a Service

Stream your 3D projects instantly on any device

Cloudalize’s Application-as-a-Service Cloud Platform provides High-End UE4 experiences on any device instantly via a One-Click experience through a Self-Serve portal.

Instant One-Click Experience
Self-Serve Portal

High-End UE4 experiences

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Private GPU Cloud

On-Premises Cloud Hosting

Private GPU Cloud is an on-premises cloud hosting and a real alternative to Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). Cloudalize tailors a dedicated cloud for your company including hardware offering, use case optimisation and cloud platform services to deliver guaranteed performance, quality and security needed for your business goals and objectives.

Easy IT Management
Better Security


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Kubernetes GPU Cloud

Power & Ready-to-Go Kubernetes (K8s)

Kubernetes GPU Cloud offers a pre-configured Kubernetes platform powered by GPU for faster and more efficient operations. Cloudalize’s Kubernetes GPU Cloud enables a business or educational institution to set up and build AI to meet the challenges of the future.

Straightforward deployment of computational resources
Fully managed and on-demand

Access to self-service production-grade Kubernetes clusters

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Cloudalize Kubernetes K8 containers powered by the latest GPU on the Cloud. Kubernetes GPU Cloud is cost-effective, straightforward, next-generation cutting-edge technology for enabling Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) for DevOps and Data Scientists

Transform Your Projects with GPU Acceleration

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