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Digital Government

Deliver a Digital Government and better experience for citizens while saving taxpayers money with Cloudalize’s GPU-powered Cloud platform.

Go Digital & Achieve Digital Transformation

Cloudalize’s GPU-powered platform delivers effective digital government from the Cloud. It drives digital transformation at every level: federal, national, provincial, state/devolved or municipal. Cloudalize’s cloud solutions can be tailored to individual roles and corresponding tasks.

Cloudalize’s cloud solution is a custom-built solution outside the remit of the public cloud. It has been developed by our expert cloud team to deliver greater power and high-performance than your existing infrastructure and desktop computer. Meaning that you can do more for less taxpayers money.


Cloudalize delivers digital transformation for today’s Public Sector

Cloudalize’s GPU-powered cloud benefits every stakeholder: citizen, business and government. With our Cloud Workstation solution, departments of public works can collaborate in real time in the delivery of infrastructural projects on time and on budget. City or County Engineers can utilise the power of our cutting-edge technology to run specialised GIS, BIM, video editing or other professional software on the cloud.

Cloudalize’s allows you to introduce Artificial Intelligence (AI) into governmental processes too. Our Kubernetes GPU Cloud is not taxing! It was designed to be straightforward and flexible. Data Scientists and DevOps can introduce predictable scenarios based on big data and historical data; introduce procedural processes so repetitive tasks are automated or translating documents from national or regional language into another.

This is the future of government. This is digital transformation and it can happen with Cloudalize.

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Why Cloudalize?


Super Secure Cloud

The implementation of digital government requires that data centres are super secure against cyber threats and data breaches. This has become more of a concern recently with the rise of remote working/home working and devices becoming lost during the commute or stolen from the home office. 

Cloudalize’s GPU-powered platform is hosted on ISO-, SOC- and ISOQAR-certified data centre facilities. They offer Level-3 security with 24/7 on-site security team and servers which are served with an uninterrupted power supply with back-up generators. 

Furthermore, Cloudalize is a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) so the data, files and records are not stored directly on your device but in the Cloud. The lost or stolen device will give no access to the records. Cloudalize’s platform is only accessible via an encrypted log-in platform. 


Service Access Anywhere

Digital government involves a lot more than the average clerk in the town hall. Government also uses software and tools found in other sectors of the economy such as computer-aided design tools, Building Information Modelling (BIM), Lumion and other professional software.

Cloudalize’s Cloud Workstations (Desktop-as-a-Service) is much more than remote access. It gives you a secure digital cloud office giving freedom to run any Windows-based software and application on the Cloud. What’s more, you can run from any device, anywhere at any time: MacBook, iPhone, Samsung Smartphone, etc. You log in through the portal and they are working from their preferred browser. It is that simple.

 We confirm that you can access Cloudalize over Wi-Fi, 4G or 5G (where available).


Saving Taxpayers Money

Cloudalize facilitates good government by reducing the IT costs and saving taxpayers money. Over the lifetime of the implementation, total-cost-of-ownership (TCO) of hardware decreases. Your department no longer needs to upgrade many different devices to run the latest software. With Cloudalize, the IT team can create blueprints to deploy the software customised to each role and discipline. 

While Cloudalize’s GPU-powered solution is no expensive and traditional virtual-desktop infrastructure (VDI) solution. It is Cloud. Your IT team doesn’t have to make a detailed and costly budget to purchase additional servers, hardware or software. Cloudalize’s GPU-powered solution can You can transfer all maintenance, upgrades management of the IT infrastructure to Cloudalize’s team of cloud experts. Or you can have Cloudalize’s GPU-powered cloud installed in your servers to have Cloudalize’s Private GPU Cloud.


IT Friendly Cloud Solution

A well-built and well-maintained IT infrastructure helps government services to work more efficiently. Cloudalize can help your department to implement an IT infrastructure which can meet the challenges of the 2020s. 

Our GPU-powered solution is not a traditional VDI. It doesn’t require your overstretched IT team to install load balancers, active directories and SAN storage. Cloudalize can be easily deployed and maintained by our expert team who are always in contact with your IT team to ensure that the system continually meets the requirements.

The Cloudalize team is in constant communication with the central IT team to resolve issues on the ground, always on hand to roll out any upgrades and provide cloud expert advice.


Build a Smart City

With Cloudalize’s GPU-powered technology, you can lead the foundation stones for a smart city of interconnected elements powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet-of-Things (IoT) to bring citizens and government closer together. 

Data is the fuel of AI and IoT and the government has lots of it. Millions and millions of pages of archival historical data from area maps, population census, disease outbreaks and more. With connected sensors, AI can process all this data, package and build models to analyse it to make decision making for policy makers easier. 

Cloudalize is powered by the latest in GPUs. The graphical-processing units (GPU) powering Cloudalize’s Cloud platform are 1,050 % faster than an Intel i5 CPU in a standard desktop or laptop. Cloudalize’s cloud platform has the capability to run AI-driven chat bots, traffic lights and more.

Case Study

One of Cloudalize’s firsts customers was the Belgian Province of Limburg. Based in the historic city of Hasselt in the east of Belgium, it harnesses the power of Cloudalize to run computer-aided design (CAD) and engineering (CAE) in the transportation department.

Over many years, the provincial team has planned and upgraded the road infrastructure of the province on Cloudalize’s GPU-powered platform. This continued when COVID-19 hit. The workers found themselves decentralised to the home office and they just continued working like normal thanks to the flexibility given to them by Cloudalize.

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Administration Building in Hasselt, capital of the Belgian Province of Limburg

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