The Future of Smart Working

Cloudalize’s GPU-powered Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) solution is all you need to design and render what you want with a large range of professional software from your preferred vendors.

Our DaaS solution boots in minutes and offers a convenient and inexpensive way for companies to focus on collaboration and remote working from anywhere and on any device. It provides the unequalled processing power and a super-performant way of keeping your operations running smoothly and without risk.

Cloudalize’s GPU-powered DaaS is an ideal solution for a small and medium enterprise/business and a larger organisation with thousands of end users.

Why Cloudalize?

Best-in-Class Performance

Benchmarked to our competitors, our customers continually tell us that Cloudalize’s GPU-powered DaaS solution out performs other cloud providers in terms of speed and performance.

Straightforward IT

You no longer have to worry about infrastructure administration, security updates or system upgrades. Cloudalize manages it all for you while you can focus on your projects, your team and your clients.

Capacity Management

Our solution supports your team as it grows and expands. Procuring and deploying desktops is as-needed either for an internal or external project to support your strategic partners or contractual workers.


When you move to Cloudalize, you gain an agile and powerful solution for use on any device while only paying for what you use.

Secure Remote-Access

Any authorised end user – whether internal or external – can access data, documents and files from any device with a stable 3G, 4G or WiFi connection.

Trust & Security

Moving to the Cloud does not compromise your security. Cloudalize meets rigorous global security and standards like ISO 27001 and SOC to ensure that we are protecting your sensitive data and workloads 24/7 365 days per year.

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What our customers say


“Cloudalize enables us to work on my rendering projects without being dependent on a traditional workstation. At Gala Design, we really appreciate Cloudalize’s fast, reliable and expert cloud technical support.”

Nicolas Giger
Creative Director, Gala Design

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