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Enterprises, academic institutions and cloud-based partners can benefit from Cloudalize's expertise and cutting-edge GPU technology to build a robust cloud infrastructure.

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What is Private GPU Cloud?

Private GPU Cloud is a real alternative to more well-known Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). Private GPU Cloud delivers a managed service for your internal cloud setup and for you to use Cloudalize’s cutting-edge GPU-powered technology on an on-demand basis. Unlike VDI, Private GPU Cloud will meet your high-computing requirements, in an all-in-one package.

You have access to best-in-class cloud technologies and a white-gloved service dedicated to you. Having Private GPU Cloud over VDI ensures superior infrastructure performance, cost management and a successful shift to the cloud.

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Cloudalize's Private Cloud gives you the power of GPU power on-premises to obtain greater speed and performance in your daily working life.

How does Private GPU Cloud work?

Build your own personal and private cloud together with Cloudalize. With Private GPU Cloud, you can take full advantage of cloud computing and advanced GPU-powered technology. It is a dedicated cloud environment deployed on-premises or in the data centre of your choice, configured to your needs and managed by the Cloudalize experts. 


Hardware is the foundation of your infrastructure. Cloudalize helps you install all the components you need in your infrastructure and provisions any additional IT resources after your initial set-up.


Virtualisation is the process of creating a virtual version of your physical IT componentsCloudalize has the knowledge to set up this software layer for you to enable the distribution of computing resources over the Internetalso known as the cloud. 


At the top layer, Cloudalize configures a ready-to-use platform to your required application. You can utilise the capabilities of your cloud to full: easily assign computing resources or enable end users to run relevant software remotely.

White-gloved Service

Cloudalize delivers what others don’t: a dedicated white-gloved service. We provide a full life cycle of cloud services: expert advisory, configuration, integration and management, from the infrastructure layer to the platform running on it.

Why Private GPU Cloud?

Transitioning to an in-house private cloud can be very complex and expensive. Private GPU Cloud offers you a proven alternativewith all the benefits of traditional VDI, while reducing costs and providing greater agility over your IT infrastructure. 

Cloudalize Private GPU Cloud allows your business or institution to manage capacity (scale-up and down) with demand when required by your IT.
Capacity Management

Computing or IT resources can be added or removed on demand, offering flexible capacity management and economies of scale.


Customise your own data centre components and how the dedicated Cloudalize platform is configured to best fit your budget and needs.

Cost Savings

Pay as you go for the usage of the platform while reducing operational costs such as upgrades, maintenance and escalated engineering support.

Available Experts

Building and managing an in-house cloud infrastructure is a complex process. You have access to Cloudalize experts who will build, manage, and maintain everything cloud for you.

Is Private GPU Cloud for you?

Tailored to your unique business requirements with advanced cloud technology available at your fingertips, Cloudalize’s Private GPU Cloud is client specific and adaptive to every modern organisation. 

Modern & Digital Enterprises

Private GPU Cloud is for companies wanting digital transformation and the Cloud quickly and at scale. Cloudalize offers a managed service to help you build a high-computing cloud environment for demanding workloads, from 3D design and rendering to machine learning and Kubernetes for AI-powered applications.

Cloudalize marries the security, power and performance of its GPU-powered proprietary technology inside your data centre to bring you the competitive edge over rivals.

The Cloudalize Campus has GPU power on-premises with Cloudalize to power all requirements of education: students, faculty and remote professors.

The Cloud Campus

Build a world-class education on Private GPU Cloud. With Cloudalize, you will become a cloud-driven college, university or school with simplified but high-powered computing environment to accommodate on-demand usage.

Cloudalize offers a managed solution of a dedicated cloud infrastructure with powerful computing capability and quick deployments in your campus or any data centre of choice. Different from traditional virtual infrastructure (VDI), you can deploy and scale computing resources quickly and less costly for on-demand usages, such as virtual computer labs, online teaching, distance learning and AI research.

Cloud-based Partners

Cloudalize shares your vision of cloud-driven technology to power the next generation. For cloud-based software vendors, resellers, and MSPs who want to add more value to your customers, Cloudalize provides an inclusive managed service of cloud setup and deployment of Cloudalize's best-in-class GPU technology in an in-house infrastructure.

Unlike other cloud providers, you will have guaranteed performance to deliver Cloudalize's cloud services to your end clients, easy billing ability and efficient management from our built-in multi-tenant support.

Cloudalize's Private GPU Cloud is perfect for partners. We establish a relationship and then it goes to buggery
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