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Private GPU Cloud is the virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) alternative for business and education

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Private GPU Cloud

Guarantee performance and reduce complexity and cost by building a robust cloud infrastructure on-premises
Deployment & Services

What is Private GPU Cloud?

Cloud Computing

“The Cloud” or “Cloud Computing” means data and applications can be accessed remotely over the Internet. It enables users to access computing resources from almost any device, because the computing and storage happens on servers in a data centre, instead of locally on the user device. By implementing cloud computing, internal and external users can be unified on a single platform.  

Private Cloud

A private cloud is a dedicated cloud for a single company to cater its specific needs. It can be owned, managed, and operated by the organisation, a third party; or in partnership between the two. Moving to a private cloud deployment is necessary for businesses in sectors which want more security, performance and control.

Cloudalize's Private GPU Cloud

Private GPU Cloud is a real alternative to Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). Combining the accessibility and security of VDI with the flexibility and mobility of cloud computing, Cloudalize reduces your hardware costs with our competitive offering and increases performance with an optimised and unified platform for multiple business applications. Cloudalize’s platform is proprietary technology built for graphical-processing units (GPU) – 1,000 times faster than CPU in supporting virtualised applications and graphics acceleration. Your organisation will obtain a private cloud that keeps evolving with your digital incentives.  

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Cloudalize's Private Cloud gives you the power of GPU power on-premises to obtain greater speed and performance in your daily educational and working life.

What Private GPU Cloud delivers

Cloudalize delivers a total package with a one-vendor approach which reduces implementation complexity. Private GPU Cloud differentiates itself by having a competitive hardware offering, cloud optimisation knowledge and a versatile GPU-enabled platform for power users.

1. Hardware

Hardware is the foundation of your infrastructure. Cloudalize provides all the required components at competitive pricing, then designs a robust cloud infrastructure to meet your goals and objectives.

2. Setup

Cloudalize takes care of the hardware installation and setup of an optimised and secure cloud environment on-premises or in a data centre of your choice.  

3. Platform

Cloudalize’s platform is deployed and configured to your business requirements. It offers application Cloud Workstations, Kubernetes GPU Cloud and Application Streaming. 

4. Management

Cloudalize’s platform is fully managed and maintained by us. Your IT team will also benefit from a straightforward admin portal with easy resource and user management capability.

Why Private GPU Cloud

Cloudalize helps your organisation take the first step away from traditional solutions and into the future. With Private GPU Cloud, you will have the best:  all the benefits of traditional VDI with greater agility of the Cloud.

Cloudalize Private GPU Cloud allows your business or institution to manage capacity (scale-up and down) with demand when required by your IT.
Remote Access

Remote access is unlimited with Private GPU Cloud without compromising security. Private GPU Cloud enables mobility by bringing safe and secure remote working or distance learning whenever and wherever needed.

Private GPU Cloud allows your educational institution to obtain GPU technology on-campus meaning more processing power and speed without spending a lot.
Cost Savings

Private Cloud is often considered more expensive because of the hardware expenses. However, Private GPU Cloud is cost-saving due to Cloudalize’s competitive hardware offering at a reduced price.

Private GPU Cloud enables flexibility to manage educational resources based on supply and demand during the day or during the night to optimise usage and cost.
Less Complex

While VDI is a complex project to undertake because it requires different elements from different vendors to put a technology stack in place, with Cloudalize, you work with one vendor and one unified platform.

Application Scalability

Compared to VDI, Private GPU Cloud is more scalable in terms of business applications, because the Cloudalize Cloud Platform can deliver multiple digital services anytime and without reconfiguring the entire infrastructure.

Guaranteed Performance

With the knowledge of cloud computing, Cloudalize can optimise your cloud environment to increase the performance of your infrastructure for your specific business applications.

Private GPU Cloud brings market-leading security features to your campus with GPU power.
Greater Experience

The Cloudalize Cloud Platform focuses on enhancing the experience of both the IT admins and the end-users. You can ensure productivity when they use our platform to accomplish their daily tasks at office, at home or on the move.

Who Private GPU Cloud benefits

Cloudalize’s Private GPU Cloud is client specific with best-in-class cloud technologies available at your disposal.

Modern & Digital Enterprises

Private GPU Cloud is for companies wanting digital transformation and the Cloud with guaranteed performance, infrastructure flexibility and great value for moneyCloudalizehelps you build a high-computing cloud environment for a range of business applications: real-time collaborationhigh-powered cloud workstationsremote office, BIM in the Cloud and Artificial Intelligence (AI) workload acceleration.  

Cloudalize marries the security, power and performance of its GPU-powered proprietary technology inside your data centre to bring you the competitive edge over rivals.

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Private GPU Cloud creates a modern and digital learning and teaching experience for any educational institution.
The Cloudalize Campus has GPU power on-premises with Cloudalize to power all requirements of education: students, faculty and remote professors.

The Cloud Campus

Build a world-class education on Private GPU Cloud. With Cloudalize, you will become a cloud-driven college, university or school with simplified but high-powered computing environment to accommodate evolving needs for remote learning and working. Cloudalizesets up a dedicated cloud infrastructure with powerful computing capability in your campus or any data centre of choice.  

Different from traditional virtual infrastructure (VDI), you can create an effective learning experience quickly and less costly with your cloud-based incentives such as cloud classrooms, online computer labs, Bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies and virtual research centres 

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Cloud-based Partners

Cloudalize shares your vision of cloud-driven technology to power the next generation. For cloud-based software vendors, resellers, and MSPs who want to add more value to your customers, Cloudalize provides an inclusive managed service of cloud setup and deployment of Cloudalize’s best-in-class GPU technology in an in-house infrastructure.

Unlike other cloud providers, you will have guaranteed performance to deliver Cloudalize’s cloud services to your end clients, easy billing ability and efficient management from our built-in multi-tenant support.

Cloudalize's Private GPU Cloud is perfect for partners. We establish a relationship and then it goes to buggery
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