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Coaches and training centres for Building Information Modelling (BIM) and other graphical software courses such as Autodesk’s Revit have a hard time. They want to give their participants the best chance.  Alas, it is not always possible.

Hardware is ageing fast and needs regular maintenance or replacing which initial investment. They need to offer flexibility to their clients to have training in-house or out-house. Lastly, the participants of a course can fluctuate depending on the time of year or on the course offered. Legacy hardware is not easily scalable. 

There is a clear need for flexibility to deploy BIM workstations and IT environments on-demand.

Cloudalize to the Rescue

We hear you. Firstly, our GPU-powered desktops make it easier for coaches and training centres to provide BIM and CAD-software courses all from the Cloud. Secondly; you will have a lightweight alternative to deploy the infrastructure necessary to give your clients the learning environments expected today.

This eliminates the costs of expensive on-premise and investments in stand-alone software or servers. Our pay-per-use model is flexible and allows you to scale on-demand. For example, you can easily deploy powerful-CAD workstations and multiply this blueprint according to the number of training participants.

You can start working on a 3D model in class and continue working on the same model at home.

The data on your virtual desktop is safe because it is stored on a remote server. This means that coaches and their students are no longer tied to their fixed workstations and have access to workstations 24/7 on any device. 

Take a look at some of demanding design programmes that you can run on Cloudalize: 

  • Autodesk’s Revit
  • AutoCAD
  • SketchUp
  • Rhinoceros 3D

Training from the Cloud

One satisfied client is Kirstin Bunsendal. She is a German architect and BIM consultant and has been running her Revit training courses on Cloudalize for many years: 

“When I first came across the services of Cloudalize I was immediately fascinated. Being a BIM [Building Information Modelling] expert and setting up my own business in consulting. I had to reinvent myself and invent a way to deliver my services to my clients in the best way with little resources.

Lecturing BIM needs to be – in my view – the BIM way. I should not just be explaining what BIM is, but also make my clients see, look and feel, what BIM is. I am looking for a way to spend as little time in IT and most of my effort in producing and delivering my CAD training.

Buying a big pile of laptops, caring them around and maintaining them was just not an option. Cloudalize gives me the freedom to travel light and have as many PCs ready on demand as I need for my CAD training courses. The speed and performance for complex 3D Modelling and visualization on my cloud computing PC is even better than on most local computers. 

I use Cloudalize for my workshops with IWW Institut and for more services to come.”

Kirstin Bunsendal, business owner of k-BIM, Würzburg, Bavaria, Germany.

Give your students the right tools

Cloudalize’s GPU-powered virtual workstations bring many benefits. They scale on-demand, flexible pricing and available on any device. 

Focus on what is important, your students. Give them the right tools to succeed. how you too can go the Cloudalize way. Click below for a free personalised demo.

Author: Gülçin Misirlilar
Editors Note: 
This blog post was originally published in November 2018; updated in July 2019.