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What our customer say about us

“Cloudalize is a very flexible, mobile and cost-effective solution. It offers capacity management of users depending on demand as well as offering greater processing power for our software without the IT hassle to work remotely”.

Ayre Chamberlain Gaunt (ACG) architectural practice in the United Kingdom is a trusted customer of Cloudalize's Cloud Platform for education and business.
Allister Lewis,

Head of Technology, ACG Architects, UK

“We tested Cloudalize in multiple locations. The performance has far outstripped the more traditional remote desktops we were trying to use for 3D designs and general office synchronicity.”

Mark Melviez – CEO of Luciad

“Cloudalize enables us to work on my rendering projects without being dependent on a traditional workstation. At Gala Design, we really appreciate Cloudalize’s fast, reliable and expert cloud technical support.”

Nicolas Giger – Creative Director, Gala Design

“With the unlimited GPU-processing power of Cloudalize, my team can carry out complex calculations and time-consuming rendering of models in the Cloud. From initial boot, the team can work on the models more efficiently and without interruptions anytime and anywhere.”

provincie limburg logo transparant
Willy Vanelderen – CAD/BIM Coordinator, Province of Limburg

“WPGA was an early adopter of Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) as it gives families the most freedom to choose the computer which best meets their child’s needs. Cloudalize is a natural complement to our BYOD strategy as it ensures that all students can run the software their courses require, regardless of the device that they have. Cloudalize is also an excellent solution for survey or specialised courses where niche software is required for only some units of the academic year”

Dr Peter Holowka, West Coast Academy, Vancouver, British Colombia, Cloudalize's private-cloud custom-built desktop-as-a-service_daas_for_education
Dr Peter Holowka – Director of Educational Technology, West Point Grey Academy

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“Cloudalize is competitively priced, BIM-optimised and offers the speed and performance that Ferrous Group AG* requires to install and maintain Ferrous’ high-quality products to its public and private customers.”

Cloudalize Cloud Workstation
John Cockeril – Senior IT engineer, Ferrous Metals *

“Cloudalize is an efficient solution which is simple to use and has a transparent cost structure.”

Professor Jean-Pierre Couwenbergh – Faculty of Architecture, UCLouvain

“AHO is benefiting from enhanced agility, scalability and flexibility thanks to Cloudalize’s GPU-powered solution. Students can access their courses online from anywhere on any device and IT can adapt quickly to AHO’s requirements.”

Frode Gether-Rønning – Senior IT engineer, AHO

“When I first came across the services of Cloudalize I was immediately fascinated. Being a BIM [Building Information Modelling] expert and setting up my own business in consulting. I had to reinvent myself and invent a way to deliver my services to my clients in the best way with little resources.
Lecturing BIM needs to be – in my view – the BIM way. I should not just be explaining what BIM is, but also make my clients see, look and feel, what BIM is. I am looking for a way to spend as little time in IT and most of my effort in producing and delivering my CAD training.
Buying a big pile of laptops, caring them around and maintaining them was just not an option. Cloudalize gives me the freedom to travel light and have as many PCs ready on demand as I need for my CAD training courses. The speed and performance for complex 3D Modelling and visualization on my cloud computing PC is even better than on most local computers. I use Cloudalize for my workshops with IWW Institut and for more services to come”

kirstin bunsendal k-bim
Kirstin Bunsendal – Business owner of k-BIM, Germany