Pricing Guide

Pricing plans for virtual workstations that scale with your business. 
Single user


+ pay per use

On-demand access to NVIDIA GPUs
✓ Custom Domain
✓ Unlimited data traffic
✓ Streaming protocol up to 60 FPS
✓ Easy management & usage reporting
✓ Windows license included
✓ Exceptional email support

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Multiple users


+ pay per use

Everything included in ‘Personal’, plus:

✓ Real-time collaboration
✓  Multiple project management
 Shared drive
 Custom blueprints
✓ Option to add other server(s)
✓ Option to image disk size
 Option to add VPN Gateway

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Partner model
Whitelabel & Certified

Custom Quote

✓ Low latency streaming on any device
✓  Non-cacheable content with 60 FPS
✓ Website integration via iFrame
 HTML & HDX streaming protocol
✓ Dynamic scaling
✓ Non-persistent desktop pool

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Our workstation models

Workstation Model NameCPURAM (GB)GPU RAMMaximum ResolutionStorage (GB)
GDaaS M600
GDaaS M601481GB2560×160050
GDaaS M6024162GB3840×2160100
GDaaS M6048324GB3840×2160200
*GDaaS M608

* Within GDaaS M608 you can use CUDA Core (2,048 per GPU).

Our workstation models are being deployed on a ‘pay-per-use’ or an ‘unlimited-usage’ subscription model. Please contact our sales department for more details.

Need more resources?

Larger setups might require the setup of a VPN connection towards your license server, the setup of a Revit or webserver or you might want extra storage on your shared drive. To meet those needs, we developed extra infrastructure as a service (IaaS). IaaS is compatible on our platform and is directly connected via a 100 Gbps backbone to your virtual workstation. 50 GB server storage is included on all server sizes as shown in the overview below.
Get in touch with us and we will provide you with a custom quote according to your needs.

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Server sizeCPU (cores)RAM (GB)

XS server is the entry level server and XL server is the highest performance server.

For pricing information please contact our sales department.

Enhance productivity and collaboration by enabling users to access and securely share files with people inside or outside of your organization. Cloudalize automatically adds capacity per subscription member. Storage is being provided as a shared virtual drive or as a private storage server, for pricing information please contact our sales department.

We offer site to site VPN’s to connect your already existing infrastructure with our GDaaS environment. Your router has to support IPSec VPN, with support of:
– NAT-T (RFC 3947)
– Following Cipher sets:
– SHA1 + AES256
– Perfect Forward Secrecy (PFS) with support of Diffie-Hellman (DH) Group 2 20.78

Manage within the same tenant multiple sub-tenants with their specific applications, data, and configuration settings, allowing your organisation to create securely isolated environments for different teams, projects or customers.