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Delivering High-Quality GPU-enabled Cloud Services

Cloudalize co-founders featured as "Beligum's Cutting-Edge Entrepreneurs" in Eric Kenis book-1

Evaluation of the Belgian Start-Up & Scale-Up Scene

“Belgium’s Cutting-Edge Entrepreneurs” is the latest book from serial writer Eric Kenis. Eric has been working in the Belgian start-up and scale-up scene for more than 10 years and decided to write about the brains and brawn their founders.

Kenis focuses on the future: economy, business models, organisations and society. He segments the featured companies into three – efficiency, meaning and freedom – and how the featured companies are an crucial part of developing the future.

Cloudalize = Efficiency

Benny Willen and Jeffrey Meesemaecker, founders of Cloudalize are listed as amongst the most ambitious Belgian entrepreneurs. The book charts their idea of delivering graphical-processing units (GPUs) from concept to building relationships with investors to fuelling the growing demand of GPU-enabled services from the Cloud.

Cloudalize’s propriety technology delivers faster and more efficient cloud computing services to business and education. Cloud Workstations (Desktop-as-a-Service) was the beginning to enable business to access GPU power from any device and anywhere. Cloudalize has expanded its product portfolio to deliver GPU-powered Kubenetes (K8s) directly from the Cloud or on-premises in an VDI-alternative called Private GPU Cloud.

Benny Willen, co-founder of Cloudalize (left) and Jeffrey Meesemaecker co-founder and CTO of Cloudalize (right)

Left to right: Benny Willen, co-founder and current CEO and Jeffrey Meesemaecker, co-founder and CTO.

Author: Gülçin Misirlilar
Editor’s Note: Originally published in January 2019; updated in January 2021.

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