A book for and by ambitious entrepreneurs about new business models, growth and the startup culture

Eric Kenis has written a a book called ‘Belgium’s cutting-edge entrepreneurs’, in which extraordinary Belgian entrepreneurs are interviewed. Eric has been working with the Belgian startup and scaleup scene 24/7 for more than 10 years. The high quality of those companies never ceased to inspire and impress him. He is fascinated by their next level ballsiness and brains, by their ‘particular’ attitude.

Eric KenisEric Kenis his latest book, belgium’s cutting edge entrepreneurs, showcases an elaborate selection of testimonials about entrepreneurs, their venture and the startup culture. He started spending his spare time interviewing and writing books on tens of new school entrepreneurial teams founded in Belgium. After a while he  started to wonder if the rest of the world might also be interested in finding out about crazy Belgian entrepreneurs.

Well, apparently they were.

Cutting edge

Cloudalize featured in Belgium's cutting-edge entrepreneurs - Eric Kenis

Cloudalize as an example of efficiency in the startup culture. Featured in Belgium’s cutting-edge entrepreneurs

Belgium’s cutting edge entrepreneurs is a book about entrepreneurs full of first-hand authentic testimonials and insights. About their cutting-edge business ideas. About thinking ahead and building tomorrow’s economy today. About changing the world and conquering it. About growing. Because cutting-edge entrepreneurs grow remarkably fast. Exceptionally fast, even. Their average growth over the past year amounts to 150%.

The author offers a riveting sneak peek into the near future: the future of our economy, our business models, our organizations, and our society. He does this by showcasing Belgium’s best and most ambitious startups and scaleups.

Three verticals serve as the focal points for this book, and no, they are not FinTech, HealthTech, and Energy. The author’s verticals are Efficiency, Meaning, and Freedom.

Cloudalize: an example of efficiency

Cloudalize’s founders Benny Willen (left) and Jeffrey Meesemaecker (right) © Jonas Lampens

Cloudalize’s founders Benny Willen (left) and Jeffrey Meesemaecker (right) © Jonas Lampens

In this book, founders of Cloudalize Benny Willen and Jeffrey Meesemaecker were selected as one of the best and most ambitious Belgium entrepreneurs. There is a chapter about their life’s journey as an entrepreneur, their vision, building relationships with investors, and how to tackle international expansion to fuel the growing demand for GPU based services globally.

“In Belgium prospects often ask us why they should move to the cloud, whereas in the US, the UK and The Netherlands we never get this question: the cloud is just obvious.”







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