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Hassle-Free Virtual Classrooms

Cloudalize’s fully managed portal reduces costs by bringing your BIM/CAD/CAM/ training to a virtual classroom with easy manageable users & desktops.

The unique technology powered by GPU enables you to run graphically demanding programs such as Autodesk RevitLumionAutoCADAdobe Dimensions, Autodesk 3ds Max, SketchUp, Adobe Premiere Pro and more on any device, anytime

Why Cloudalize?

Powerful Technology

Greater speed and processing power thanks to GPU technology


Tailor-made Service

When you buy Cloudalize, you obtain a premium service for your cloud implementation and IT expertise. not VDI

We work directly with you, your team or your IT partner to deliver the best service and product to you depending on your objectives and goals.


Less Complex

Cloudalize Private GPU Cloud allows your business or institution to manage capacity (scale-up and down) with demand when required by your IT.

Flexible & Easy deployment of virtual workstations & IT environments, instantly, seamlessly and on demand

What our customers say about us

When I first came across the services of Cloudalize I was immediately fascinated. Cloudalize gives me the freedom to travel light and have as many PCs ready on demand as I need for my CAD training courses. The speed and performance for complex 3D Modelling and visualization on my cloud computing PC is even better than on most local computers. I use Cloudalize for my workshops with IWW Institut and for more services to come.

Kirstin Bunsendal, Business owner of k-BIM, Würzburg, Bavaria, Germany.

Benefits for Trainers

User-Friendly Admin Portal

Icon Easy IT Cloudalize

A straightforward admin portal with easy resource and user management capability

Easy Deployment

Cloudalize Private GPU Cloud allows your business or institution to manage capacity (scale-up and down) with demand when required by your IT.

Deploy a variable number of powerful virtual workstations without any restrictions instantly


Private GPU Cloud allows your educational institution to obtain GPU technology on-campus meaning more processing power and speed without spending a lot.

Benefit from a scalable tailor-made solution and managing your budget with our pay-as-you-go model

Benefits for Trainees

Distance Learning

Our Workstations can enable high-quality remote learning for course participants from any device

Consistent Speed & Performance

The Cloudalize Cloud Platform delivers 1,000 more power than CPU-driven virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI).

Our proprietary technology delivers unbeatable performance & speed thanks its graphical-processing unit (GPU) power.

Easy Access

Icon Easy IT Cloudalize

Access the virtual training desktop from anywhere, anytime and from any device


Software on the Cloud

With Cloudalize’s GPU-powered Cloud Workstations, you can deliver a better training experience for highly-specialized courses. 3D modeling and rendering, graphical and video editing programs, and more run smoother on our Cloud than on an average laptop or desktop computer.

Our GPU-Powered Solution allows you to run effectively Autodesk Revit, Lumion, AutoCAD, Adobe Dimensions, Autodesk 3ds Max, SketchUp, Adobe Premiere Pro and more on the cloud.
Please note that Cloudalize does not supply third-party software licenses.

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Cloudalize's Cloud Classrooms are available on Private GPU Cloud to enable distance learning with specialised software from Autodesk, Adobe, Lumion.

Cloud Classroom

Cloudalize’s GPU-powered technology goes beyond remote access. Our Cloudalize Workstation solution builds high-performance cloud classrooms for specialised courses. With Cloudalize, you can build standardised virtual computer labs for distance learning safely and remotely.

Our Cloud Workstations are accessible on any device from their preferred internet browser – MacBook, Laptop, Android or iPad – can enable high-quality remote learning for course participants.