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A Better Software Licence Experience

The Software Licence Headache

Much is talked about cloud technology revolutionising industry and education. The Cloudalize Cloud Platform offers real-time collaboration, instant security mobility on any device, capacity management and more. What’s rarely spoken about is its power of software licence mobility. The management of software licences is a challenge for every organisation. Large global companies maintain databases full of the different vendors, expiry dates and different users and roles assigned to each type of licence.

The software licence market is changing.  Vendors and distributors are moving to a subscription-based model and online version, however there are still features only available to end users with the full-desktop version of the software. Many companies already have licences which meet requirements. What to do?

A Simplified Experience

The Cloudalize Cloud Platform supports the Bring-Your-Own-Licence (BYOL). This enables companies to deploy their existing software licences directly to end users across the company or institution whether from the Cloud or on-premises on Private GPU Cloud.

A Practical Look at BYOL

One of our clients contracts an engineering firm to complete fabrication on components in their manufacturing processes. Cloudalize’s client want to bring the contracted firm into its eco-system of workflows and processes. What it didn’t want was to buy additional hardware to give to the contracted firm.

Cloudalize’s client assigned a pool of software licences to engineers in its contracted firm. These software licences were deployed on a number of Cloud Workstations. These are shared amongst the contracted engineers who access the necessary software from their existing MacBooks on- and off-site.

This example shows the flexibility and cost-effectiveness of Cloudalize Cloud Platform. Cloudalize enabled its client to deploy the highly-specialised software to its contractor without buying new hardware and manage capacity and usage too.

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Making BYOL Possible

From the Cloud or on-premises, Cloudalize enables Bring-Your-Own-Licence (BYOL). BYOL on the Cloudalize Cloud Platform offers greater flexibility and helps to reduce the total-cost-of-ownership (TCO).


Autodesk Maya

Use your AutoCAD software licence on a Cloudalize Cloud Workstation on the Cloudalize Cloud Platform

Autodesk AutoCAD



Questions & Answers

Which software licences work on Cloudalize?

It depends on the software vendor. Trimble and Autodesk have single-user licences. To use Trimble or Autodesk applications, you must deactivate your licence key on your device and install and activate the required programs on your Cloud Workstation.

Some software vendors offer a multi-user licence which supports multiple users connected on Cloudalize.

Do I need to buy additional licences to run on Cloudalize?

You do not need to buy additional licences. Your existing ones are fully compatible. However, it is common that software vendors do not permit the use of the same licence key on multiple devices.

How do I install the software?

A Cloud Workstation is Windows-based. You install and register your preferred software as you would do on any Windows-based machine.

Is there any additional charges for specialised software?

The standard price of Cloudalize includes a Microsoft Windows licence and other components needed for the best cloud experience. Some software packages may require an upgrade to a high-spec GPU to receive the maximum performance. Your account manager and the Support Team will help you there. 

Cloudalize opens up a world of possibilities

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Author: Jens Borgenon