In our new blog post, we address the most frequently asked questions about the activation of licenses in Cloudalize.

Can I use my own software?

Yes, as a Cloudalize user, you can install any software you want. We apply a Bring your own license (BYODL) which means that you can use your own (Autodesk, Solidworks, …) license to work on Cloudalize. Check our FAQ page for more information.

Will my license work on Cloudalize?

Depends. You do not need to buy additional licenses to use your preferred software on our platform, as it is fully compatible with your existing licenses. However, it is common that software providers don’t allow their users to use the same license key on multiple devices.

For example, SketchUp and Autodesk have single-user licenses. To be able to use these software programs on a cloud desktop, you can deactivate your license key and uninstall the program on your local computer and insert your key on the cloud computer. The single-user license of SketchUp gives users the liberty to install the license on two computers, which can be a local and a cloud desktop.

Autodesk and SketchUp also offer a multi-user license which supports multiple users connected to a cloud network. This allows you to insert a license code on one virtual desktop so multiple users are able to work with the same software.

We have prepared a small cheat sheet for you about the compatibility of Cloudalize with the most common software programs and their types of licenses. These are just a few examples of license types from software companies and can therefore differ from others so be sure to review the type of subscription of the specific software program.

How do I install this software?

You can install and register your license the same way as you would do on your local desktop.

Do I need to buy any other licenses to run a Cloudalize desktop?

No, in the subscription price of Cloudalize we are covering the basic licenses (Microsoft OS and other components to make our platform work) so that you can use the virtual desktop with no extra worries. 

Do you have any other specific questions regarding the use of your license(s) on Cloudalize? Get in touch with support via the chat or talk with our sales team and we’ll be happy to help you.