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The workplace, as I know it, is constantly evolving and adapting to face new challenges. Take the very modern office of H. P. Labelle & Cie. in Montréal, Canada in the photograph above. There’s electric lights, (candlestick) telephones and even a small table-top printer.

The challenge for H.P. Labelle & Cie. in 1920 and us, exactly 100 years later, is a global pandemic. In 1920, it was the flu and in 2020, it is COVID-19 (Coronavirus). Despite being 100 years apart, the question we ask ourselves is the same: “How do we keep our business going in such circumstances?”

During these days of isolation, video conferencing and team collaborative tools are only one element to help us all work more effectively while at home. Unbeknownst to the average 21st century professional, there are hundreds of digital tools, applications and processes running simultaneously on laptops or desktops and therefore, issues arise.

Over the last few weeks, Cloudalize has had many calls coming in to advise on three things:

  • Having the speed and performance to run professional applications on a personal laptop;
  • Providing a robust and collaborative solution to a distributed team throughout the world which is working from home
  • Delivering security and rapid setup for those who need it within 24 hours.

Cloudalize is built for these challenges. Our GPU-powered virtual desktop solution enables high-performance on an average laptop or 5-year old mac. Teams working from home or remotely can run their professional applications as well as heavy-duty design, visualisation and rendering software such as Autodesk and Lumion for architects, Adobe for visual arts, SolidWorks for manufacturing and such more.

The platform is built on ISO- and SOC-certified data centres offering 99.9 % up-time and Tier-3 governmental security for your team to work safely and securely in the Cloud. The platform is user friendly for any one to operate from the intuitive Admin Portal and with little IT intervention.

I sincerely hope that this pandemic will pass soon but looking into the future, the way we work will keep on evolving. More and more people are moving to the Cloud to work from home. It’s important to step back and take a holistic view on your organisation’s infrastructure and ask: “Are we ready for this future?”

10 years ago, Jeffrey Meesemaecker and I, established Cloudalize based on a vision that rapid advances of graphical-processing units (GPU) cards could enable smart technologies to be low-cost and hassle-free from anywhere on any device . Working on the Cloudalize platform offers a safe, secure and real-time collaborative environment on which to create the future and design a better world.

What Cloudalize has achieved is incredible but what will tomorrow bring? As the old maxim says: “Fail to prepare is preparing to fail”. Security, latency, flexibility and existing on-premises solutions are some of the current barriers to digitalise processes, data and existing hardware; but Cloudalize also has a solution to meet this challenge head on.

Whatever you decide for your organisation, remember that your employees are your company’s greatest asset. As work is not just a place but the things that we do. By giving people the right digital tools to be productive, engaged and inspired, on their terms, they can accomplish many amazing and great things.


Unknown, 1920. H. P. Labelle & Cie. office interior, Montreal, QC, 1920, photograph, viewed 23 March 2020, <>

Author: Benny Willen