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Realities of Modern Working

Reality vs Fiction

Every time that I work from home, I feel like a news presenter or perhaps Ron Burgundy. This especially happens in a conference call on Zoom with clients or even on Slack with my colleagues from Cloudalize: Are my clothes decent? Is the room clean? Will I change…naah!

These are the two programs which are used the most often and underpin communication between the office and when I am work from home because the kids are off school, for a holiday or illness. When I state illness, it is usually a bad dose of the sniffles or a nasty cough. It is not the present global disease, Covid-19 or Coronavirus, spreading across the world.

Remote working has grown in popularity for many sectors of the economy but some sectors may not have the physical capacity to do so because of work-place limitations or heavy-duty design and rendering software which requires masses amounts of processing power from a top of the range tower desktop. For example, automotive designers face security procedures to work remotely because of the sensitivity of their work.

Cloudalize’s GPU-powered Cloud Workstations can offer workers in these industries – and more – the safety, security, real-time collaboration and all the functionalities to work remotely to guarantee business continuity without interruptions.

Remote Access

The benchmark to a successful remote working is a stable and secure internet connection on which your employees can access data, communication channels and applications. It is sometimes an issue encountered with people who approach Cloudalize in search of a solution: “How can my creative team sync large files of video rendering and data?”

Cloudalize’s GPU-powered DaaS solution is accessible from any stable and secure internet connection albeit 4G, 5G, Wi-Fi or LTE as demonstrated in the Tech Talk with Thi (YouTube). The solution opens in any internet browser. There is no sharing of large files over the internet because the whole solution is in the Cloud.

All the professional applications with which you work every day are available to you when you open a Cloudalize Cloud Workstation. Our clients already work like this using software from Autodesk, Adobe, SolidWorks or many others.

Safe & Secure Private Cloud

Cloudalize Cloud Workstation is built on our very own proprietary cloud powered by the latest graphical-processing units (GPU). This means that it is only available to an internal network or a select group of users determined by Cloudalize’s customers themselves.

For example, you are working on a construction project in BIM 360. You log on to Cloudalize with your work laptop. You have access to BIM 360, Revit and 3ds Max all in a complete and secure cloud environment with storage. So you can share BIM elements or changes in design with the third-party architect in the office, the BIM manager on the construction site and the BIM designer or engineer who is in self-isolation at home without disruptions.

If required, Cloudalize is accessible by your organisation’s virtual private network (VPN) solution. If using Cloudalize, the VPN provides a direct link to any data or applications which still reside in another place like the office or at a client’s data centre. However, Cloudalize technology is inherently secure as all data streaming is done over an encrypted connection – much like your organisation’s VPN.

Cloudalize uses Citrix HDX technology and you can find more about it here on our Trust & Security page.

Works on any Operating System

The beauty of Cloudalize is that it is agnostic. It is a Windows-powered virtual desktop which can function on macOS, Linux OS, Android or Windows. Whether your office is tech savvy or has the 5-year old macOS machines, Cloudalize is accessible from your Safari, Brave or Chrome browser. From there, you have a fully-functioning Windows desktop on which you can run Adobe Dimension, Movie or whatever you want.

Your preferred Software

I have worked in IT for many years and I understand that the gap between the amount of applications that end users think that they use and actually use daily, is vast. At Cloudalize, there is Microsoft Office 365, G-Suite, Chrome, Brave, Safari, Autodesk package, Slack, Spotify, Lumion, Adobe Suite, Flux, Zoom, etc., etc.

Ensuring that all of the above and more work as native applications on different and compatible devices can be difficult but Cloudalize removes the need to install all of these on compatible devices.

All your employees do is run Cloudalize’s GPU-powered Cloud Workstation from a commonly available browser and install all the necessary business applications used in your organisation on a daily basis.

Remote Working Policy

All the four above will not function well, unless the company has a defined and managed remote working policy. This can be lead from the top or be an initiative brought by an employee of the organisation.

While it is impossible to advise how your organisation will manage remote working – every organisation is different – at Cloudalize, we have a flexible remote working policy to facilitate client meetings, personal appointments and professional activities on an ad hoc basis.

Business Continuity

Business needs to continue uninterrupted and Cloudalize helps your workforce and organisation by enabling remote working and the freedom to share and collaborate on the Cloud.

Cloudalize offers a safe and secure private-cloud solution on which you can run all your business applications on any operating system – macOS, Windows OS, iOS, Linux or Android – from a reputable internet browser. What’s more is that Cloudalize can work with your VPN and provides all the storage to secure your organisation’s proprietary data if required.

No one knows when the current situation with COVID-19 will recede but it presents an opportunity for your organisation to create a coherent new remote working policy with Cloudalize’s GPU-powered Cloud Workstations as a central column in it and a buttress against business disruption.

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Author: Koenraad Willems