The State of BIM

Cloudalize Cloud Computing The New Face of BIM and Real Time DesignSome architects and engineers refer to Building Information Modelling (BIM) as an evolution of existing 2D-to-3D technology. But BIM is much more than access to Revit applications or clash detection capability.

BIM is becoming more and more demanded by clients to facilitate projects at home and abroad. As a part of your Digital Transformation efforts, the introduction of BIM is a foundation stone.

Mobile Collaboration

BIM facilitates project collaboration. Participants in the building process can co-operate on information models which are perfectly in-tune with each other and are integrated into a central database.

Once a project has been completed and delivered, the database can be transferred to the property owner who utilise it for facility management and operations. BIM brings transparency and efficiency to a building’s project life cycle and ensures that a building can be completed on time and on budget.

Real-time collaboration on Cloudalize

Information Technology plays an important role here.

“Deploying infrastructure and managing systems performance is a time-consuming and devious process” says Kristof Vandenbogaerde, BIM Manager at BIMplan. A Belgian company, BIMplan works as a mediator on large BIM coordination projects and often faces IT-related issues in the early stages of joint ventures.

Speed is always a factor in these projects. All project phases must go through a planning process. But this process doesn’t include the time which is needed for effective IT deployment. IT managers must be quickly brought together to provide project engineers with the necessary BIM tools and workstations.

Project participants also run into Revit Server collaboration issues. The participants may all use their own servers, but who will be hosting the central model, and who will assume responsibility for the database?

Discussions can also quickly arise among partners about who will pay what and to whom. Systems performance during the design phase can also suffer because of poor 3D model synchronisation across servers and workstations – particularly in geographically dispersed sites which ends up wasting time and money.

Fortunately, Cloudalize can now deliver a solution by providing easy access to Revit servers and workstations. Cloudalize gives your engineers access on any device – over a stable internet connection.

Revit on Ipad with CloudalizeCloudalize’s powerful virtual and secure desktops run virtually in our Level-3 data centres. Both data servers and virtual workstations for computing together. This makes real-time and synchronised design on the same 3D models possible.

Furthermore, Cloudalize’s IT infrastructure can be deployed in minutes instead of weeks.

Safe and Secure with Cloudalize

The biggest fear for BIM Managers is security. This was confirmed by Jan Festjens, former IT Manager at a large architecture: “I’ve seen workstations and CAD laptops stolen on construction sites”. He continued: “Security on these computers is often deficient. Data and 3D models, as a result, may fall into the wrong hands.”

With Cloudalize, the Windows OS and apps run on our custom-built Level-3 secure data centre. Only the screens get transferred to the end-user device.

Cloud Opportunities for BIM managers

Adopting a BIM collaboration model does not usually happen overnight. BIM managers continue to face challenges: implementing a disruptive technology on old workflows, for example, requires more than learning new software.

It is important to understand which resources, roles and responsibilities are needed to create a self-sustaining BIM ecosystem. As new countries mandate BIM adoption, however, Cloudalize is ready and available to advise you and your team on how Cloudalize’s technology can help you on your Digital Transformation journey.


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