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A Cloudalize Customer Story

The Reality of Revit  

Despite being the standard bearer of building information modelling (BIM) software the world over, Revit is well known for its limitations. The two biggest end-user grievances are cost and hardware-system requirements. With each update, it gains more and more features for users to utilise and design better. The 2018 release included productivity improvements like the integration of Dynamo Player as well as SAT and Rhino file imports. The most recent update, Revit 2021, received PDF and image linking and improved generative design.  

New features and tool sets bring a increased cost of the licence and upgrade to the recommended system requirements. If a company wants to obtain the latest, it will need to update itself hardware – macOS or Windows to stay competitive to deliver best to clients. Or does it?

Cloudalize to the Rescue  

Unfortunately, Cloudalize cannot help with the ever-increasing cost of Revit licences. However, Cloudalize can help companies to control hardware costs and increase productivity by using Revit on the Cloud. Revit can be easily increased on a Cloudalize Cloud Workstation. A Cloud Workstation is a Windows-based digital workspace powered by Cloudalize’s proprietary graphical-processing unit (GPU) technology. GPUs deliver over 1,000 times more speed and power than the average CPU in a MacBook or laptop.  

A Cloud Workstation removes the requirement to buy, set up and update hardware every year to meet the requirements to run Revit. With Cloudalize, you can upgrade your computational power without upgrading the hardware itself. A Cloud Workstation is accessible from a standard web browser on tablet, smartphone, MacBook or Laptop. The Revit user logs in, installs Revit and works from when they want where they want. It’s that simple.  

Cloudalize in Action

Rudi Van Thienen and Bart Vande Kerckhove switched to using Cloud Workstations to run Revit for their engineering and architectural projects. By doing so, they greatly increased their productivity to have real-time collaboration and to work remotely when desired. Cloud Workstations give them increased processing power and speed not only to run Revit but other specialised BIM software without upgrading their hardware. 

Interview with Rudi & Bart

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Editor’s Note: Updated on 14 August 2020
Author: Koenraad Willems