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A while ago we launched our renewed DaaS subscription models. Thanks to these new and transparent packages, our customers can fully benefit from maximum flexibility, an affordable tailor-made solution and full control over their DaaS (Desktop-as-a-Service) expenses.

3 Different DaaS subscription models

Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) brings a lot of advantages for both small and large businesses. But, can you and your colleagues enjoy all of them at an affordable and reasonable price? Certainly!

Our three different subscription models enable you to choose the best DaaS solution yourself. You have the choice between an hourly subscription, always on (24/7) and business hours (200h)

We’ll explain them briefly for you!

Always-on (24/7) DaaS subscription

Do you want to get the maximum out of your Cloudalize DaaS subscription? In that case, our always-on subscription is the best way to go. The concept is quite straightforward: you pay a fixed monthly fee, in exchange you can count on:

  • Unlimited access and usage of your Cloudalize desktop.
  • All the benefits of a powerful DaaS solution.
  • Maximum insights and control of your DaaS expenses.

The price for all of this? You only pay one fixed monthly fee, starting from €119 (EMEA) / $219 (North America) excl. VAT per desktop per month – depending on your desktop’s type and specifications.

Hourly DaaS subscription

Do you use your Desktop-as-a-Service less frequently? In that case, our hourly DaaS subscription might be a better fit for your business. You can compare this pricing model with your car’s fuel, since you only have to pay for the amount you use.

Hourly subscription users are charged for every hour their Cloudalize Desktop is running. This pay-per-performance model offers some interesting advantages:

  • A usage-based pricing model allows you to respond quickly to your changing needs.
  • You always have a transparent overview of your monthly usage and costs.
  • You have access to a graphically powerful DaaS solution.

Users of this pay-per-performance model pay, on top of their usage, a subscription fee of 49,99 euro or dollar excl. VAT per desktop per month. This subscription makes sure that your desktop, data and backups are safely kept, even when they’re not used. The hourly rate starts at €0.59 (EMEA) / $1.07 (North America) excl. VAT, depending on the type of desktop they use.

In other words: The hourly model enables users to strictly pay per use, whereas the monthly model guarantees 24h access and allows you to plan your DaaS expenses ahead.

Business hours (200h) DaaS subscription

Our “Business hours” subscription model is perfect for teams that have regular office hours. You pay a fixed monthly fee for every desktop and you get credits that can be used for 160 hours per month. Some of the advantages of the “Business hours” plan include:

  • You always have a transparent overview of your monthly usage
  • All the benefits of a powerful DaaS solution.

The pricing for this subscription model is starting from €89 (EMEA) / $189 (North America) excl. VAT per desktop per month – depending on your desktop’s type and specifications.

Do you want to find out the best-fitting package for your business? We try to accommodate our clients in the best possible way. Our sales team can therefore offer you a tailor-made pricing model for your business needs.

Reduced DaaS expenses, more advantages

Users of our DaaS subscriptions can benefit from many advantages. We are happy to list the most important “reasons-to-love” for you:

  1. You’re in charge of your subscription. You can cancel it whenever you want, and downgrade or upgrade it when necessary. All of this by simply contacting one of our sales representatives.
  2. Hourly & Business hours usage customers get a complete overview of their DaaS consumption in their dashboard. That way, they know exactly when it’s time to switch subscriptions. Monthly usage subscribers benefit from an unlimited and carefree time with their DaaS solution
  3. There are no hidden or extra costs. You only pay your subscription fee and the model you chose. No hidden fees or pitfalls!

This means you can enjoy the maximum visualization, computing and rendering power of a DaaS solution at a transparent and flexible cost.

Are you up for a comprehensive, affordable and flexible DaaS solution?
Choose the DaaS subscription model that fits your needs

Technical data and resources

When you choose a DaaS subscription, you want to get maximum performance. A strong processor and graphical power are therefore crucial for your DaaS solution.

We therefore offer our customers two resource types, based on their needs and profile:

Office Worker

This setup is ideal for knowledge and information workers needing general computing with improved graphics.

NVIDIA Tesla M60-0Q, M60-1Q or M60-2Q

Power User

Do you need heavy design, real-time rendering, high-end engineering or CUDA-accelerated software? Our Power User setup is exactly what you need!

Do you need extra storage, VPN or servers due to security, requirements or internal policies?