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Trials & Tribulations of the Creative Beast


Who remembers opening Adobe Creative Suite for the first time? It didn’t appear instantly! We were presented with a very nicely designed loading screen. Whether it was during night school or in college, the interface of InDesign or Photoshop looked like the mission control from Apollo 13.

The anticipation to edit a short or to remove a blemish from the model of an advertisement. The look of excitement of Jony Ive with the final design of the iMac transforms to the gaze as a person who sees the banshee as Premiere Pro keeps loading…

We would begin to understand quickly with our first jobs about the unrealistic expectations of clients or the 2-month unpaid pending invoice. We heard about design-by-committee discussions. It would be easier to obtain a decision from the federal government here in Belgium. The real modern trial and tribulation of creatives is technology.

The loading screen of the now Adobe Creative Cloud apps is still with us. The mouse slowly dragging itself across the screen and the workspace-RAM messages…a person with a hip replacement moves faster than this thing can render! The Mac to be in peril of going through a window. Is there a solution?

A Cloud-based Creative Agency

Many creative agencies are slow to embrace the Cloud. If cloud technology can revolutionise banking or make online shopping easier, it can be successfully deployed in the creative world too.

Cloud means being scalable to meet project demands. It means that your agency can ensure business continuity during emergencies. Data is safe and the work is secure for home working. It means a modern and truly digital agency working from one common data environment to share designs with clients and to work from anywhere on any device.

Cloud means having the power to load software instantly and you work from anywhere on any device. This is not a fairy tale with unicorns and care bears. This is Cloudalize.

Cloudalize is Creative

There are many cloud vendors on the market. Most are like the out-of-town shopping centres: they are large, offer fast-fashion or mass-produced items with little personalised service. Cloudalize is different. It is the boutique cloud vendor offering a personalised service with tailor-made cloud by the guys who built the technology on faster and powerful graphical-processing units (GPUs).

Mobility of Design

A Cloud Workstation is the flagship product of Cloudalize. From a web browser, you have access to a new digital and mobile design workspace. It works on any device and anywhere where there is an internet connection – 4G, 5G or Wi-Fi. Cloudalize enables me to modify a design on a train to Antwerpen or to just bring my iPad to a client feedback session.

IT Light

Cloudalize is not expensive virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) with its load balancers, scalers and hyper-whatevers. It’s Cloud as Cloud should be: IT light, available on demand and straightforward to set up. As soon as any team member signs in to Cloudalize, they are ready-to-go. Being IT-light makes Cloudalize respond to project demands. If you want to outsource a project to a person another region, country or continent, a Cloud Workstation can be activated in your studio’s Cloudalize environment.


Who here has complained about software vendors going subscription-based and not offering the full-version of the software? The Cloudalize Cloud Platform has a flexible pay-as-you-go invoicing. You pay for what you use while having access to the full power of the platform. It means that it is perfect for projects and smaller agencies to meet deadlines.

And Cloudalize takes clear of all the IT for your agency. It’s a completely managed service with Cloudalize maintaining and upgrading the system when necessary. For the bigger agencies who wish to maintain on-premises, Cloudalize can install the cloud infrastructure on-premises too.

The Death of the Loading Screen

The Cloudalize Cloud Platform is built on proprietary technology. It is powered by graphical-processing units (GPUs). Not only for gamers to play Metro Exodus or Hitman 2, but creative agencies can also benefit from GPU technology. It’s 1,000 times faster than the CPU in an average MacBook or Laptop. This gives you access to superior speed and greater processing power all from a web browser. Adobe Premiere Pro loads instantly and blink and miss the loading screen of Adobe.

What will you wear? 

A modern creative needs secure and reliable technology to meet deadlines and craft their art. The cloud enables remote working in a safe and secure digital environment, working with freelancers across geographic distances and providing business continuity.  

Cloudalize goes beyond the prêt-à-porter cloud to offer proprietary technology at an affordable price to design where and when you want with superior GPU power. With Cloudalize, you will have always the latest version available to you on any device.  

I attended the funeral of the loading screen. Us creatives who use the Cloudalize Cloud Platform didn’t wear black. Which colour will you wear? 

Becoming a Cloudalize-enabled Creative

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Author: Caroline Verellen