A modern GPU is up to 100 times faster in performing tasks when multiple parallel processes are running. These can be used by machine learning, big-data analysis and graphical or 3D visualization. However, you need the right working environment for this and then the question arises: do you choose a traditional workstation or cloud computing?

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5 reasons why a Cloudalize’s DaaS is a better option for you. 

Since you’re looking for a cloud solution, you might be familiar to the term ‘Desktop as-a-Service‘ (DaaS). These two are often mentioned in the same breath, since DaaS is a part of cloud computing, making it easier to get the most out of it. That is why we primarily compare the advantages of cloud computing through Desktop-as-a-Service to those of a traditional workstation in this blog.

1. Global Collaboration

A team which works from everywhere in the world is no longer a future scenario. It is perfectly possible to give your team members a lot more freedom by allowing them to work remotely. It is therefore important that your existing applications and IT infrastructure are perfectly adapted to this.

Desktop-as-a-Service solutions are often cloud-driven. They enable your team members to work from different locations, such as multiple offices, construction sites, remote or at home, … On top of that, a cloud-accelerated Desktop-as-a-Service gives you the power to execute parallel processes simultaneously. This means that your team members are able to do much more than just work together. They can collaborate from all over the world!

This is not the case with a traditional workstation. Working remotely is a much bigger challenge there since the setup doesn’t always allow it. Workstation-based organizations thus need to maintain a (less flexible) office-only setup.

Winner: Desktop-as-a-Service

2. Automate time-consuming tasks

IT admins perform a lot of time-consuming and repetitive tasks, while most of them can be automated. Let’s just name a few opportunities:

  • Installing software for a certain user profile should only be done once. This template can be easily copied to additional users in a few mouse clicks.
  • An hourly backup. If something unexpected happens -going from ransomware to accidental deletion- maximum one hour of work is lost.

These automations are perfectly possible on both Desktop-as-a-Service and a traditional workstation. IT tasks can be automated on any device. However, it is still a lot more difficult on a workstation in comparison to a Desktop-as-a-Service on which you have all the tools and resources at your fingertips.

Winner: Desktop-as-a-Service

3. Maintain full-control of your IT landscape

As a business owner or IT manager you want to be in charge of your entire IT infrastructure.

A traditional workspace is the perfect way to maintain full control. However, you should only choose this if you’re 100 % sure about the exact needs of your company. You don’t want to be left with an over-dimensioned workspace which is not future-proof or only used to accommodate those few hours in a month when heavy software applications need to be used.

You are also in the driver’s seat of your Desktop-as-a-Service solution, although it is not physically located in your office. In return you will save office space and can count on strong support from the platform’s developers.

Winner: Both (depending on your business needs)


4. Setup in minutes

“Lean & mean” is an important way of work for companies which want to grow and adapt rapidly. Naturally, they need an optimized IT environment to do so.

For ordering, receiving deliveries, unpacking, cabling the hardware, installing software or hardware, updating software, and much more can take weeks to setup. The arrival of new users therefore needs to be planned a month in advance by people who manage and follow up the entire procedure.

Who doesn’t dream of disabling or enabling users in just a few clicks? That’s where  Desktop-as-a-Service comes in. When using a DaaS, you can create a cloud desktop and stream a powerful workstation in less than 3 minutes without the help of an IT specialist!

Winner: Desktop-as-a-Service

5. No costly surprises

The costs of an IT environment are often a hot topic in companies. Fortunately, you can respond better to this with both a traditional workspace and a Desktop-as-a-Service. So this is where we have a tie… or not?

The cost structure of a variable Desktop as a Service solution per hour is more difficult to predict. The invoiced amount depends mainly on your usage, which makes it almost impossible to estimate! However, you can still choose a monthly subscription which gives you an accurate overview of your Desktop-as-a-Service costs.

A traditional workstation is a one-time purchase. You can therefore perfectly estimate the total cost of your purchase. But a traditional workstation also entails a lot of hidden costs e.g. maintenance and support.

Winner: Desktop-as-a-Service

Traditional workstation vs. Desktop-as- Service: the indirect benefits

Desktop-as-a-Service also has some indirect advantages compared to a traditional workspace. 

Improved mobility: carrying a traditional workstation to another location is not that practical. Even workstation laptops are heavy to drag around and don’t work at their highest performance when unplugged. Thanks to a Deskto-as-a-Service solution, all you have to do is log on to another computer and off you go!

Decreased power consumption: graphic cards are constantly consuming energy, which you’ll notice on your electricity bill. Desktop-as-a-Service users don’t have to worry about this, as they don’t need a high-performance graphic card themselves. They can benefit from maximum graphical power and energy cost savings.

Would you like to know more about all the advantages of a GPU-accelerated Desktop-as-a-Service? We’ve explained them for you in another blog post.

Using Cloudalize as a Desktop-as-a-Service

Ready to unlock your organization’s full IT potential? Cloudalize’s Desktop-as-a-Service gives you and your colleagues real-time access to powerful GPUs. Our software allows you to easily:

  • Access and edit your work when and where you want to
  • Work more smoothly and efficiently in your company
  • Save on IT costs, where savings can be made

And all of this without any graphical restriction. You can access your heavy programs instantly from your laptop, tablet or smartphone.

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