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Architects, engineers, 3D modellers the world over use Cloudalize’s virtual and powerful GPU-powered Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) solution to run software from Autodesk such as Civil 3D and AutoCad; Rhinoceros, BIMx, Adobe Creative Cloud, Archipad, ArcGIS, Maxwell and V-ray to name a few.

A question which arrives weekly into Cloudalize: does your service compatible with Lumion?

Answer is yes

You can run Lumion on Cloudalize. Cloudalize is one of the officially supported virtual desktop suppliers of Lumion*.

Cloudalize’s value for Lumion users

Three reasons why Cloudalize is the right choose for Lumion users:

1. Operating System Agnostic

If you have Windows OS, there is no issue. Cloudalize works. If you have macOS, Cloudalize works too. Opting for Cloudalize’s GPU-powered DaaS solution can gives the best of both worlds: it a pre-configured Windows 10 environment on Apple’s macOS.

2. Increased Processing Power

Lumion is a resource-heavy software. As a result, the rendering requires considerable processing power which makes it difficult to run other software and complete necessary system tasks.

With Cloudalize’s GPU-powered DaaS solution, you don’t have these issues. The GPU power behind Cloudalize’s platform provides all the power needed to render designs in Lumion as well as complete other tasks processing in the background on your computer.

3. 24/7 Remote-access

Rendering used to a tiresome and cumbersome process. With Cloudalize’s GPU-powered desktops, you can create spectacular images and videos for your clients and prospects on the go with access 24/7 wherever you are.

4. Pay for what you use

Cloudalize’s pay-as-you-go model means that you only need to pay for the time that you use to render your Lumion design on the Cloudalize platform. So you will be able to have super-fast rendering for a minimal price.

Learn More

Book a demo below to learn more about how you can benefit from GPU power and the Cloud by using Cloudalize to use Lumion.

*Lumion Knowledge Base. Is Lumion compatible with remote desktop applications? Available here.
Author: Martin Mc Cormack