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Virtual & Design Construction

Build a better future with the Cloudalize Cloud Platform enabling Virtual & Design Construction (VDC). Connect teams with the correct data and essential workflows all on the Cloud to maximise efficiency and deliver on time and on budget.

What is VDC?

Virtual Design Construction is a framework on which VDC is a framework which combines new technologies together to manage and coordinate construction projects. It combines Integrated Concurrent Engineering, Product Production Management and Building Information Modelling (BIM) into one.


VDC and BIM are mutually exclusive. BIM is used to create a digital representation of a physical building. This is called a Digital Twin. The VDC framework uses BIM 3D models as well as other information from the project. You cannot have VDC without BIM but BIM can exist without VDC.

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Greater speed and better end-user experience with Digital Twins on Cloudalize

Benefits of Virtual & Design Construction

Cloudalize has enabled BIM in many companies in many industries. Take a look at where you are and how BIM can help you.

Enabling Virtual & Design Construction on Cloudalize reduces lead-time on important projects.

Reduce Cost & Optimise Time

VDC can help to identify issues already during the pre-construction phase of the project. An important of this is informing the client of the budget and an accurate cost estimation. Project take-offs are reduced, and more time is spent on detail and pricing of materials. 

Have 360-degree collaboration on-site and off-site with Cloudalize Cloud Platform for Virtual & Design Construction (VDC).

360-degree Collaboration

VDC provides a framework from which all project stakeholders can work and have the most up-to-date information. Cloudalize works best from a single-source-of-truth (SSoT) or a common-data environment (CDE). Ideas and input are communicated well and tracked to principal team members in a timely manner.

Create high-quality work and craftsmanship with Cloudalize Cloud Platform.

Highest Standard of Workmanship

VDC improves the quality of work of your team. VDC draws in other mythologies including Building Information Modelling (BIM) and Project portfolio management (PPM) to facilitate the whole life cycle of the build. Controlling and monitoring all the stages digitality allows professionals to see inconsistencies to deliver a better product overall.

VDC can help to reduce risks on-site with IoT, AI and VR technologies.

Improve Health & Safety

VDC creates the life cycle in 3D and includes the construction flow. It has been proven effective to reduce safety hazards on-site and minimise dangerous activities. (Teixeira 2014) VDC can work with simultaneously with new advanced technologies such as IoT and VR to increase on-site health and safety further.

VDC on Cloudalize

Virtual Design & Construction (VDC) and the Cloudalize Cloud Platform can work hand-in-hand to deliver results. Cloudalize can provide a smarter and safer cloud to design, construct and manage your construction and engineering projects. Flexible and mobile, the Cloudalize Cloud Platform built on proprietary technology powered by GPU to deliver greater processing power and a better user experience.  

VDC enabled software has been tried and tested on the Cloudalize Cloud Platform. These include Autodesk Navisworks, Autodesk AutoCAD, Autodesk 3DS and Autodesk Infraworks

Autodesk AutoCAD on the Cloud with Cloudalize. Digital Twin, VDC and BIM

Autodesk AutoCAD on the Cloud

Autodesk Revit on the Cloud with Cloudalize. VDC, BIM and Digital Twin

Autodesk Revit on the Cloud


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