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Educate on the Cloud

On-demand from the Cloud or on-premises, Cloudalize benefits educational institutions and training centres with a need high-performance computing solution.


Give your students the best to help them succeed by choosing Cloudalize’s GPU-powered solutions

Cloud for Schools

Cloudalize’s GPU-powered platform is the ideal for schools to educate on the Cloud. Embrace digital transformation in education with cost-effective high-performance cutting-edge cloud technology. 

Cloudalize’s proprietary technology supercharges the learning experience from a young age until the pupils mature as adults. University technical colleges, Charter Schools, Vocational Colleges and Technical Schools can all benefit from the Cloudalize Cloud Platform. It enables distance learning for each institution to offer specialised courses – engineering, mechanics or creative design – in a standardised and secure environment. 

Distance learning is not an issue as Cloudalize’s solutions are Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) friendly. Log in on a web browser on 4G, 5G and Wi-Fi and everyone has access to faster and greater GPU power. 

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The Cloudalize Campus

The Cloudalize Campus is the college of the future. It is an always-connected campus employing cutting-edge cloud technology for the benefit of students, faculty and IT team. Cloudalize’s GPU technology can unify all the processes of any college, university or Grande École to meet the demands of the 2020s. 

Cloudalize is available directly on-demand from the Cloud or on-premises as Private GPU Cloud. It gives your institution the opportunity to have better speed and greater processing power than traditional virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI). Remote working or distance learning are no longer a challenge as every stakeholder logs in from their standard web browser and has immediate access.

Cloudalize’s Cloud Workstation solution enables Architectural, Engineering and construction students to follow courses in specialised CAD, BIM or FEA software on their own devices. While, Kubernetes GPU Cloud enables AI-powered applications in enrolment,  scientific research and more. 

Cloudalize makes the Cloud uncomplicated and focuses your IT team. Unlike VDI, there is no expensive hardware to buy to set up and Cloudalize helps your IT team to upgrade and manage the system like you want it. Your IT team remains in control to advise on how to adapt Cloudalize’s GPU-powered solutions for the specific curricula of courses offered to your students. 

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Vocational Cloud

Give your professional course participants the power of the Cloud! Cloudalize’s GPU-powered cloud solutions enable you to virtualise your professional courses to allow participants to learn anywhere. Cloudalize is Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) friendly and it is not restricted to only Windows. They can easily follow BIM, CAD or creative design courses from their MacBooks, tablets or laptops. 

Each course has different criteria: number of partiants and the material. Blueprints can be created for different courses and Cloudalize allows you to scale up or down depending on the need that particular day. All of this is easily done from our user-friendly Admin Portal.

Whether you are a small independent provider like K-BIM or a regional player like Cadec Group, Cloudalize simplifies IT management. We provide a safe and secure IT infrastructure in which you can trust and have confidence. It’s our expert team who built the platform who manage all the upgrades and maintenance ensuring that you have always an up-to-date solution.

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Software in the Cloud

Educate on the Cloud with the power of the latest graphical-processing units (GPUs). These are up to 1,000 % faster than the CPU in your laptop or the desktop in a computer lab. The Cloudalize Cloud Platform delivers high-speed and graphical-performance on demand or on-premises from Private GPU Cloud. This enables you to offer your students and course participants a cutting-edge and BYOD-friendly solution for them to use the latest features and software tool sets. Take a look at which software packages from well-known vendors are supercharged with Cloudalize.

Cloudalize Vocational Cloud for training centres which want GPU-powered DaaS Cloud Workstations for Lumion, CAD, FEA, film editin in the Cloud-as-a-service_kubernetes_gpu_daas

Safe & Compliant on the Cloud

Cloudalize is committed to delivering a safe and secure cloud environment for education and training. This provides peace-of-mind to all the stakeholders. What makes Cloudalize special is that it is private. Unlike bigger competitors which share cloud resources between different customers, Cloudalize’s GPU-powered platform is exclusively for Cloudalize customers. 

However, this does not mean that data policies and regulations are less strict. We employ industry-leading safeguards and the data centres on which your data is housed are SOC- and ISO-certified. 

AICPA Security Certificate

Learn and train on the Cloud with confidence

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