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Cloudalize Kubernetes K8 containers powered by the latest GPU on the Cloud. Kubernetes GPU Cloud is cost-effective, straightforward, next-generation cutting-edge technology for enabling Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) for DevOps and Data Scientists

Kubernetes GPU Cloud

Kubernetes on Cloudalize

Cloudalize’s Kubernetes GPU Cloud is a pre-configured GPU-based Kubernetes platform for enterprises, data scientists, researchers, and AI consultants. It is an enterprise-grade solution which simplifies the process of setting up and maintaining the infrastructure. Kubernetes GPU Cloud provides a fast, flexible and effective way to build, operate, manage, and maintain your Kubernetes environment. Features include straightforward rolling out of computational resources, deploying applications, upgrading your cluster and scaling on-demand. Cloudalize simplifies K8s: greater speed, best-in-class performance and better transparency.

Kubernetes GPU Cloud by Cloudalize is layered and integrates directly with your own servers and system: GPU Kubernetes K8s in our Cloud

GPU Kubernetes Made for You

Shifting to a container-based infrastructure powered with Kubernetes and managing the life cycle of K8s clusters can be a challenge. Eliminating the complexity of the process, Cloudalize Kubernetes GPU Cloud is a fully managed and on-demand Cloud platform which provides ease of mind to help you deploy Kubernetes and roll out GPU resources efficiently in a highly-available and secure environment.

From the get-go, through to the trial, implementation and ongoing support, Cloudalize is with you. We handle both day one and day two operations to unburden you from infrastructure integration and container-based workload management. With auto-scaling, one-click cycle management and multiple GPUs, Cloudalize offers DevOps expertise and an enterprise-ready solution to support the rapid transformation to modern infrastructure by extending your IT arm with a cloud services industry leader.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) teams will benefit from convenient access to self-service production-grade Kubernetes clusters with speed and performance, allowing DevOps to focus on other critical activities.

Fully-Managed GPU-Kubernetes Infrastructure

Cloudalize’s Kubernetes GPU Cloud’s focus is on providing a managed and feature-rich solution which simplifies your technology stack and offers high price to performance GPU at scale, ensuring a smooth digital transformation journey.

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Kubernetes GPU Cloud by Cloudalize has auto-scaling built in to roll out computational resources and maximise your GPU utilisation


Auto-scaling lets you efficiently roll out computational resources in a node pool with horizontal pod auto-scaling based on GPU utilisation, while Kubernetes cluster auto-scaling can start and stop nodes automatically.

Cloudalize's Cloud Desktops have a one-click sharing feature which allows you to share your work on the Cloud.

One-click Cycle Management (Coming Soon)

Upgrading a cluster can be a difficult process. One-click Cycle Management, which supports multiple Kubernetes clusters, reduces unexpected issues by allowing you to do it in one click, no service interruption and providing automated life cycle management where software updates are applied continuously and without downtime. Note: to be released soon

Kubernetes GPU Cloud is powered by GPUs in the custom-built Cloudalize cloud where it supports up to 4 GPUs per container to maximise intra- and inter-GPU through-put and minimise latency.

Multi-GPU Container Support

Cloudalize allows you to unlock GPU capacity in a Kubernetes container-orchestration framework with multi-GPU container support, up to 4 GPUs per container to maximise intra- and inter-GPU through-put and minimise latency. The container scheduler takes into account GPU type and GPU memory resource requirements to ship the container on a worker node and exposes the GPU resource to the container.

Kubernetes K8s GPU Cloud by Cloudalize will have one-click scaling and deploying applications without DevOps or Developers involved.

One-click Applications (Coming Soon)

Scaling and deploying applications on Kubernetes without any DevOps skills with One-click Applications. By a single click, you can deploy your desired application within the environment and start using it instantly. Note: to be released soon

Why Cloudalize?

Kubernetes GPU Cloud by Cloudalize brings simple and transparent pricing for K8s Artifical Intelligence (AI). Price agreed is the price paid.

Transparent Pricing

Cloudalize works on a pay-per-use model with no up-front costs. AI teams have access to a advanced infrastructure for which they only pay for the computational power used thanks to the auto-scaling feature allowing up- and down-scaling of GPU nodes.

Kubernetes GPU Cloud comes with dedicated support and a fully-managed service making K8 simple, cost-effective easy to manage

Fully-Managed Infrastructure

Cloudalize offers a maintenance-free experience to reduce complexity and allow you to focus on your core activities with a fully-managed infrastructure and dedicated support. Cloudalize helps you streamline operations with pre-configured environments, from setting up Kubernetes infrastructure to the containers and services required to successfully install, operate, and manage K8s, through Kubernetes Master, Block Storage and industry-standard API.

Kubernetes GPU Cloud by Cloudalize is maintained and managed by experts who built the platform.

Infrastructure Experts

Since 2010, Cloudalize has been an expert in providing Graphical processing unit (GPU) Cloud solutions for compute-intensive workloads such as graphics and visualisation workloads. Cloudalize’s Kubernetes GPU Cloud manages docker containers and supports the creation of GPU-enabled node pools to run applications and these compute-intensive workloads in Kubernetes.

Kubernets GPU Cloud by Cloudalize is simple and fast to set up; straightforward and enterprise-ready solution.

Simple & Rapid K8s

Cloudalize’s mission is to keep it simple and offer AI teams a straightforward and enterprise-ready solution that allows organisations to get started quickly and securely with Kubernetes while delaying investment in physical and human resources.

Build an AI-powered Organisation

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