Unlimited GPU resources on demand & on any device


Run and distribute any application on any device with the power of cloud computing

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Get unlimited computing power

With the virtual desktops from Cloudalize, you replace the high upfront costs of purchasing and updating traditional computers and servers with a low-cost and GPU-accelerated cloud workstation that is always up-to-date.

GPU Power

High performance desktops and render nodes in the cloud to run and distribute your graphic intensive workloads.


Access, work and distribute your apps and documents on the spot, on any device and at any time.

Easy Interface

You don’t need any technical expertise, as Cloudalize has a very easy to use and intuitive management platform.


You only pay for the resources you need according to the amount of users, projects and required performance.


With your apps and documents running in the cloud and not on your computer, your data never leaves our maximum secure datacenter.


Our world-class support team is standing by whenever you need help.

This is how we can help you

Cloudalize enables many applications


Cloudalize’s Application-as-a-Service solution empowers you to distribute your applications and 3D visualizations on any device, at any time.


Take advantage of the cloud to run demanding apps like CAD, CAE, GIS, 3D modeling or BIM. Real time file sharing between (remote) employees.

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Cloudalize’s gives you the GPU power for VR, AR & MR, Machine learning & AI, High performance computing and Deep learning.

Reseller & white label

Partnering with Cloudalize will give you access to the world’s leading virtual distribution platform of 3D product configurators and visualizations.

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… And many more

Trusted by great companies

With Cloudalize, powered by NVIDIA GRID, partners gain a seamless, white-labeled platform that comes pre-installed and configured so their customers can get up and running quickly.

Matthew McGriggGlobal Strategic Cloud Alliance, Nvidia

Cloudalize quickly became our preferred solution because of its instant availability, simple interface, incomparable cost effectiveness and zero upfront CAPEX.

Peter CulleyCEO, Spatial Affairs

By using Cloudalize’s GPU-accelerated platform, users can interact with rich 3D geospatial graphics and powerful analytics on any device.

Marc MelviezCEO, Luciad

The first things I tested on the cloud desktop was responsiveness and performance of the applications: no difference compared with my traditional workstation.

Karl van NieuwenhuyseBIM coordinator, Willemen Construction group

Cloudalize has helped NVIDIA GRID™ make an impact at defense and security industry events by enabling us to demonstrate application-ready virtual machines on the show floor.

Alastair HoustonBusiness Development Manager, NVIDIA

Cloudalize is compatible with your favorite programs

Take advantage of Cloudalize’s powerful GPU’s for effortless designing, real-time rendering and showcasing existing and own applications

Ready to learn how unlimited GPU power can help you with your business?