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Value Added by Cloudalize

“Cloudalize’s virtual machines give us the processing power that we need for our processes to run efficiency every day. Easy to set up and with speed which feels like we’re sitting on Cloudalize’s servers!”

Félix Padilla Gómez-Guillamón
Technical Director, Skyview Data

“With the unlimited GPU-processing power of Cloudalize, my team can carry out complex calculations and time-consuming rendering of models in the Cloud. From initial boot, the team can work on the models more efficiently and without interruptions.”

Willy Vanelderen
CAD/BIM Coordinator, Province of Limburg

“Cloudalize enables me to work on my rendering projects without being dependent on a traditional workstation. At Gala Design, we really appreciate their fast, reliable and expert cloud technical support.”

Nicolas Giger
Creative Director, Gala Design

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