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    March 17-20, 2015 Silicon Valley, Booth 935.

What is the GDaaSTM Platform?

The GDaaSTM (GPU Desktop-as-a-Service) Platform provides service providers, telcos, and developers of graphics-intensive software (3D, CAD, CAE, GIS, ...) with an instant managed cloud offering and more, enabling end-users to remotely access their powerful desktop from any device and location with a native user experience.

The GDaaSTM Platform allows our partners to quickly deploy GPU-accelerated workspaces to deliver graphics- or compute-intensive applications on a whole range of connected devices by turning every computer or screen into a powerful graphics workstation, greatly enhancing mobile access and remote collaboration.

An End-to-End Turnkey Managed Platform.
Worldwide Scalability.
Designed for Service Providers, Telcos and ISVs.

- Our Vision and Mission -

Who is on the GDaaSTM Platform?

The magic and simplicity of GDaaSTM explained.

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Service Providers

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Our Partners

  • Stijn Eyckmans

    Sales Director, Synergics, Managed IT Services

    GDaaSTM is the ideal introduction tool to develop and serve new markets with our Managed ICT Services. With GDaaSTM we can offer them a more complete portfolio, including virtual workspaces for user with graphics-intensive software in AEC and Manufacturing. GDaaSTM serves as our main differentiator in the competitive landscape.

  • Karl van Nieuwenhuyse

    BIM Manager, Willemen Group

    In addition to the horsepower that a GPU-accelerated cloud desktop provides, opportunities exist at the platform level. Using the Revit Server, Willemen can allow geographically distributed project teams to work simultaneously on the same Revit project files. Revit server components reside in Willemen data centers and office servers, while users collaborate via the cloud desktops.


Examples of Industries where GDaaSTM can be used.


    Benny Willen

    / CEO and Founder

    Passionate about my family, marketing, innovation and creativity, stock markets and economy, badminton and chess. I like to push the boundaries in everything I pursue and love to keep up with most recent technology developments. I hold a bio engineering and management degree.

    Jeffrey Meesemaecker

    / CTO and Founder

    Passionate about my family, technology, travelling, photography, and flying (currently obtaining my PPL). Technology is my life and I absolutely love it. I was born and raised in Belgium and I hold a bio engineering degree.

    Daan Moreels

    / Sales & Marketing Director

    Passionate about my family, photography, social marketing, new business trends and solution selling. I hold a master degree in engineering and have been working at several technical sales divisions for national and international companies since 2003.

    The world is changing rapidly and we are convinced that we can help our customers to stay competitive and work leaner in the future.

    Jan Festjens

    / Technical Sales Director

    Over the last years, I’ve been working for several AEC companies as an IT director. This knowledge is being implemented in the GDaaSTM offering to benefit end-user experience. This continues in my current role as Technical Sales Director to align customer vision and specifications with our product roadmap.

Latest News

Cloudalize is at NVIDIA's GPU Technology Conference 2015

Cloudalize is part of NVIDIA's GPU Technology Conference 2015 (San José, CA), from March 17-20, booth 935.

Join us if you want to see life demos of AEC applications, realtime architecture visualizations, SynerScope big data visualizations, and LuciadLightspeed geospatial situational awareness, all running from the GDaaSTM Platform.

  • March 07, 2015

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