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Software on the Cloud

Obtain a high-spec computer in minutes to run your preferred specialised software.  Cloudalize’s proprietary technology delivers unbeatable performance and unbeatable speed thanks its graphical-processing unit (GPU) power.

Delivered on demand from the Cloud or on-premises, Cloudalize is a fully-managed service to help you to offer a better user experience to achieve better productivity and results. 


Autodesk Revit®

Enable BIM by running Autodesk Revit on the Cloud! Cloudalize’s GPU-powered solution is all that you need to harness the power of Revit in a modern and real-time collaborative environment. Cloudalize cutting-edge technology delivers all the computational power to exploit the latest features including generative design and real-time realistic views with no lag or stalling. Maximise Revit’s functionality in the Cloud by integrating it with FormIt, Insight, BIM 360 and other Autodesk (or third-party) software to create a full-design package to meet your expanding needs.



Cloudalize’s GPU-powered solution provides end users of Lumion the high-speed and graphical performance to run Lumion in the Cloud. Cloudalize delivers the processing power to visualise your latest creations in full-3D glory in the Cloud. Cloudalize removes the need to have a dedicated machine to render Lumion. What’s more is that you can use Cloudalize’s GPU-powered technology without upgrading your existing computer or Macbook. 

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Use your AutoCAD software licence on a Cloudalize Cloud Workstation on the Cloudalize Cloud Platform


Cloudalize’s GPU-powered solution allows AutoCAD to run efficiently in the Cloud from anywhere, on any device at any time. It brings AutoCAD right into 2020 and beyond. Engineering firms are using Cloudalize to run AutoCAD as part of their newly implemented Building Information Modelling (BIM) process. Educational institutions and training centres are holding computer-aided design courses online thanks to Cloudalize.

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Adobe Dimensions

Bring dimension to your designs on the Cloud! Cloudalize’s GPU-powered solution allows you to transform your sketches into high-quality art faster than a standard laptop or MacBook. With Cloudalize boosting your artistic creations, you will have no lag and all the high-specs needed to exploit the latest features of Adobe Dimensions.


Autodesk 3ds Max

Just because Autodesk 3ds Max is only available for Windows doesn’t mean that you can’t run it on a Macbook! Cloudalize’s GPU-powered solution allows you to run 3ds Max from the Cloud on your MacBook or iPad. Cloudalize GPU-powered solution can become an integral piece of your design process to design video games or render architectural interior designs.  Exploit the robust modelling tool-set of Autodesk 3ds Max to make modelling and boolean operations even easier and more efficient wherever you are.


Adobe Premiere Pro

Edit the next blockbuster in the Cloud with Adobe Premiere Pro! From a humble student learning the ropes to an award-winning studio, Cloudalize delivers consistent high-speed and graphical performance. Cloudalize seamlessly integrates into your existing creative workflow where you can render, review and edit film footage all in a safe and collaborative cloud environment. It centralises all your creative tools and our solution enables you to use other Adobe or third-party applications.

Run your Software on the Cloud


Cloudalize is not an authorised reseller nor does it offer any licences for the listed software above. Cloudalize enables you to maximise the potential of the software and all their features and tools by running it in the Cloud on Cloudalize’s special and custom-built GPU-powered technology.

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