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Cloudalize Running Lumion on a Virtual Workstation Desktop Desktop-as-a-Service

Lumion on the Cloud

Get a better a Lumion experience with Cloudalize to create beautiful images, high-definition videos and realistic panoramas.

Design Better, Render Faster

Lumion brings a new dimension to architectural design. it’s easy to import a model into Lumion to render it to see the design fully rendered into a high-definition image, video or 360-degree panorama. For high-quality crafts, you need high-quality tools. Lumion is no different. It requires a lot of processing power from a high-spec machine 

Cloudalize Cloud Workstation gives Lumion end users the speed and the processing power required without buying a new high-spec machine. It is a Windows-based DaaS powered by Cloudalize’s GPU-enabled proprietary technology. A Cloud Workstation is set up in minutes, accessible from the web browser of any device with connection to the Internet. 

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Cloudalize Running Lumion on a Virtual Workstation Desktop Desktop-as-a-Service

Bring Your Designs to Life

The speed and the power provided Cloudalize will make Lumion effortless to master and navigate. Lag will decrease and rendering will be faster. This makes creating and adjusting to the client’s every whim that little bit easier and stress free.  

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Design to Greatness

Cloudalize maximises a designers potential and creativity with Lumion. As a Cloud Workstation delivers more than the recommended high-end requirements to run Lumion, your experience with better. This is achieved on both macOS or Windows as the power of Cloudalize is accessible from your preferred internet browser.

View & Share

Image renders from Lumion can be done easily and quickly on a Cloudalize Cloud Workstation with the full aesthetics and realism demanded by your client. What’s more is that they can be shared easily with Cloudalize’s 1Click sharing feature directly from the Cloud to the device of their choice.

A Real-life Walkthrough

A video will always bring to life your design: the realism of the surroundings or the functionality of the building. With the GPU power of Cloudalize supporting you, rendering Lumion videos becomes faster. This cuts lead time of feedback and changes to deliver it improving customer and designer satisfaction.


Cloudalize Enables Real-time Collaboration & Remote Working with Lumion

A Cloud Workstation enables your team to work in a co-ordinated, structured and real-time manner from different devices and locations. In the video, the Cloudalize team demonstrate Lumion’s LiveSync with Autodesk Revit on a Cloud Workstation from three different locations and devices. LiveSync allows you to render Revit designs in real-time in Lumion.

Why Cloudalize?

Cloudalize makes working with Lumion easier and Cloudalize makes Lumion work on the Cloud. Both bring enormous benefits to all stakeholders of the business organisation or educational institution which uses Lumion every day.

Cloudalize Private GPU Cloud allows your business or institution to manage capacity (scale-up and down) with demand when required by your IT.
Capacity Management

Cloud Workstations offer greater scalability than traditional hardware. A pool of Cloud Workstations can be shared among a team who use Lumion whenever and wherever they want to use them.

High-quality Performance

With access to Cloudalize’s proprietary GPU-enabled technology, you can run Lumion with all the high-end specifications needed for a smooth and efficient design process.

Private GPU Cloud allows your educational institution to obtain GPU technology on-campus meaning more processing power and speed without spending a lot.
Save on Hardware Costs

Buying, setting up and maintaining a high-spec MacBook or laptop to run specifically Lumionis expensive. By using Cloudalize, you gain a managed service to use on your existing hardware without any upgrades and thus extending the life of your existing hardware.

Cloudalize Compability

Cloudalize facilitates your creative and design process across different software vendors into one workflow. Our platform enables your team and you to work with Lumion simultaneously with other with marketing-leading 3D and CAD programs.

Find More Compatible Software with Cloudalize
Use your AutoCAD software licence on a Cloudalize Cloud Workstation on the Cloudalize Cloud Platform
Autodesk AutoCAD®
Autodesk 3ds Max
Use your AutoCAD software licence on a Cloudalize Cloud Workstation on the Cloudalize Cloud Platform
Rhino 3D
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