Why your Virtual Desktop needs GPU Power?

Virtual GPU boosts the productivity and user experience across a wide range of users and applications and delivers responsive, virtual workspaces, that perform like native PCs.

Cloudalize Virtual Desktop running on a laptop

Awarded the title of 2023 Data Quadrant Gold Medalist in the Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) category by SoftwareReviews


34% increase

in Windows 10 UX quality

GPU significantly improves the Windows experience for end-users, leading to greater job satisfaction, increased productivity, and lower employee turnover.


Video-Conference Experience

GPU-accelerated Virtual Experience will provide a consistent user experience when using video collaboration tools (Skype, Zoom, Teams, WebEx) with excellent video & audio quality

55% better

PowerPoint experience

The quality of the presentations is significantly improved. PowerPoint looks and feels much better any visual greatly benefits, including images and pictures.

Source: NVIDIA

Be ready for “More Graphics”

The number of graphics accelerated applications has doubled since 2012

Employees spend more than 25 hours on graphics-rich content per week.

The adoption of multiple displays has increased by 78% since 2015.

Source: NVIDIA

Why Cloudalize?

Supercharge Your Tasks with GPU-Powered Efficiency

Discover unmatched speed and efficiency with Cloudalize. Fueled by NVIDIA’s advanced GPU technology, experience rapid simulations, smooth visuals, and supreme performance. Elevate your work and projects by accessing the next level of processing strength.

User-Friendly Admin Portal

Cloudalize provides a smooth, user-friendly platform with intuitive navigation, effortless blueprint deployments, user management, and live credit tracking, accessible through browser or app for efficient cloud management on the go.

Unlimited Software Compatibility

Effortlessly power any software on Cloudalize, from high-end design tools and simulations to daily office apps. Experience unmatched performance and access, using your applications anytime, anywhere.

What our customers say about us

“The entire team at Cloudalize, from sale to tech support have been wonderful. They guided my team and I through the installation, deployments and setups, helped us to adjust graphics qualities and best integration options with the software. Response time and understanding of our needs have been great.”

Luca P.Owner, Architecture & Planning