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Cloud Storage

Cloudalize offers 3 principal cloud storage options. Depending on your intended use, these services will allow you to store, access and analyse your data, files and projects. As Cloudalize GPU-powered platform is custom-built according to Cloudalize’s IP, these 3 options have been carefully selected, tested and chosen by us for the exclusive use of our customers and their individual use cases.

Cloudalize brings simple, flexible and mobile cloud storage options to your business.

Cloudalize Storage Services

Local and Network storage, chosen for you by the Cloud experts. Cloudalize Storage Services are an added feature for Cloudalize’s Cloud Workstations (DaaS) solution so you benefit its potential for your business at the office, at home or anywhere…

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Windows Server

Windows Server is the most elementary storage option offered by Cloudalize. It’s a Windows Server 2019 and provides the same functionalities of storage on any Windows-based OS machine. The Windows Server option is used by many customers and their clients to access their data, files and projects in the media and entertainment, architecture and engineering industries.

Files stored on the Windows Server are accessible from the Cloud Workstation itself on any device and at any location with a stable internet connection.

Samba (Shared Drive)

Samba is a file storage solution which allows end-users to access data, files and projects. It allows users to work on the same files and projects at once. This is particularly useful for engineers and architects who create and share Building Information Modelling (BIM) and Lumion projects as well as creative studios in video editing and graphic design.


Nextcloud is an enterprise-ready cloud storage for businesses and educational institutions. Focused on security, Nextcloud provides a straightforward way to share data, files and projects with colleagues, customers and partners. It is self-hosted and easy-to-use with a user-friendly interface.

Nextcloud comes with a host of features which are needed in any digital office environment. It provides real-time synchronisation, documentation management and access controls or permissions. Two-factor (2F) authentication can be enabled by the individual user. 

It compliments Cloudalize’s mobility and flexibility because Nextcloud can be accessed from a standard web browser or from apps on iOS and Android. Versus the other cloud storage services, Nextcloud is easy to set up and manage.

Nextcloud enables end-to-end encryption and there is HTTPS from the client side and Cloudalize cannot read the data at any time. Snapshots of the data are taken every 24 hours and back-upped to Cloudalize’s Tier 2 centre. 

Samba & Nextcloud

Samba and Nextcloud can be linked to form an all-in-one storage solution accessible from your Cloud Workstation (DaaS). With the combined option, you can utilise Nextcloud’s intuitive user interface (UI) to access your files and projects from Samba equally, you can access the files and projects with Nextcloud’s desktop and mobile clients on Android and iOS.

Additional: Nasuni

Nasuni storage is not directly provided by Cloudalize.

However, the Cloudalize team of engineers can integrate your Nasuni environment to work perfectly with the Cloudalize Cloud Platform. Contact the Cloudalize team for more details.

Nasuni Storage is not directly offered by Cloudalize. However, your Nasuni integration can be used on the Cloudalize Cloud Platform

Cloudalize Storage Services

Cloudalize cloud storage is cost-effective, reduces complexity and brings straightforward integration.

Media Hosting

Cloudalize’s cloud storage options are scalable and cost-effective infrastructure for your business or educational institution to host assets. Cloudalize’s storage infrastructure gives your team access to your photos, video and audio files on-the-go to collaborate in real- time. 

Building Information Modelling (BIM)

Cloudalize enables BIM for architects, engineers and construction professionals. With Cloudalize storage, you have a user-friendly and straightforward method of BIM real-time collaboration. Cloudalize enables you to work on your 3D models with simple lock-out functionalities. 

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Real-Time Delivery

Cloudalize cloud storage gives you the ability to share documents and projects with partners and customers. Just give them direct access to the files that you want. 

Cost & Capacity

Cloudalize’s Storage Services are from 100 GB to 5 TB. There is no minimum fee and you pay for what you use depending on the service that you chose.

Windows Server

0.10 per GB*


EUR/USD 36.38 per month*


0.14 per GB*


0.18 per GB*

Samba & Nextcloud

0.20 per GB**

All prices quoted in USD and EUR.

* Plus one hour of set-up costs
** Plus two hours of set-up costs

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5 Essentials About Cloudalize Storage

  1. Cloudalize can monitor and log who accesses the system. 
  2. You or some delegated as administrator sets permissions depending on roles and disciplines to access and share data, files and projects. 
  3. Workflow tools are available to limit data according to business and legal requirements. For example, access to BIM 3D models can be restricted. 
  4. Your data stays in the availability-zone of the data centre. Local back-ups are undertaken every 24 hours. 
  5. All data is encrypted using Citrix’s HDX technology

Safe & Compliant on the Cloud

Cloudalize takes the security of your data very seriously. Our Cloud platform is hosted on Tier-3 level data centres which are SOC- and ISO-certified. Cloudalize has a certified data protection officer (DPO) who ensures that Cloudalize complies with the latest governmental and regulatory data protection standards and procedures. 


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