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Run Windows on macOS with Cloudalize
Windows on macOS with Cloudalize

Run Windows applications on your Apple devices

Run a Windows 10 desktop on any of your macOS devices and easily switch between both operating systems. You don’t need to pre-install clunky Windows emulators or expensive Windows virtualization software for Mac. Cloudalize offers an easy plug & play solution to combine the benefits of Windows, without giving up on your Apple device. By using a Windows desktop in the cloud, you are able to work anywhere on an Apple device such as a MacBook pro or iMac.

Pay-per-performance & pay-per-use 

Windows license included

You will get access to a fully pre-installed and pre-configured virtual Windows environment and this all without consuming any of the performance of your local device. You can use the virtual environment as a regular Windows machine. This means that you have full administrative rights to install any software on your virtual machine for macOS. You will only pay for what you use and for the GPU performance you need.

We compared Boot Camp software, virtualization software and a Cloudalize workstation for using Windows applications on Apple devices. Read more here.

Photoshop on apple devices

Cloudalize is easy to use, fast and flexible.

Why using Cloudalize for Windows on Mac?


No technical expertise is required, as Cloudalize has a very easy to use and intuitive management portal


Get your Windows PC within minutes, not hours. No more waiting time required


Stop being tied to one device! Take your work wherever you go, at any time and from any device


Running a Cloudalize virtual desktop will use very limited resources on your Mac


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Create your account in a matter of minutes. Sign up and get your own virtual Windows desktop.

Buy credits

You only pay for the the number of desktops and data storage you need.

Launch your desktop

Open the virtual Windows desktop on your Mac and start working. That's it! You don’t need clunky Windows emulators or expensive Windows virtualization software for Mac anymore!
It’s as easy as that!
Cloudalize windows desktop on a macbook

Get your own virtual Windows PC for mac today