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Real-time Cloud Rendering

Cloudalize’s high-performance GPU Hardware backend can be scalable to the extent of completing your rendering tasks within the deadline. Our platform removes the barrier of long waiting hours of rendering and gives your the ability to focus on your artistic work.

Why Cloudalize?

GPU Technology

Greater speed and processing power thanks to GPU technology

24/7 Support

Private GPU Cloud brings market-leading security features to your campus with GPU power.

We provide personalized 24/7 assistance

Easy to Use

Icon Easy IT Cloudalize

Our user-friendly platform allows you to upload your project files instantly and seamlessly.


Private GPU Cloud allows your educational institution to obtain GPU technology on-campus meaning more processing power and speed without spending a lot.

Benefit from a scalable tailor-made solution and managing your budget with our pay-as-you-go model

What our customers say about us

“Cloudalize enables us to work on my rendering projects without being dependent on a traditional workstation. At Gala Design, we really appreciate Cloudalize’s fast, reliable and expert cloud technical support.”

Nicolas GigerCreative Director, Gala Design

Cloudalize Rendering Platform


  • Browser based self-service portal for easy management and monitoring of your renders
  • Latest NVIDIA EULA compliant graphic cards (QuadroP5000 & RTXA6000)
  • Manage several renders from 1 overview
  • Set any job priority
  • Highly performant file transfer solution
  • Easy to integrate with your existing workflow & pipeline
  • TIER-3 data center with 99,9% uptime

Finish your rendering project in 4 simple steps


Create your account


Upload your project files


Submit Render job


Download your output



  • Recharge less than $500
  • Max 5 cards per job
  • 2TB Storage

$0.75/hour (NVIDIA Quadro P5000)

$1.13/hour (NVIDIA RTX A5000)


  • Recharge more than $1000
  • Max 10 cards per job
  • 5TB Storage

$0.65/hour (NVIDIA Quadro P5000)

$0.98/hour (NVIDIA RTX A5000)


  • Recharge more than $5000
  • Max 20 cards per job
  • 10TB Storage

$0.55/hour (NVIDIA Quadro P5000)

$0.83/hour (NVIDIA RTX A5000)