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Why Cloudalize for BIM?

Getting started or optimising Building Information Modelling (BIM) for your business is not easy. It will require support from the whole organisation to implement new workflows, train new skills, set goals and define what is needed. 

The foundation stone of BIM is technology. It requires applications, data, storage and the Cloud. That’s where Cloudalize comes in.


Figure 1: Make Cloudalize’s GPU-powered platform your go-to solution for BIM. Design in confidence mechanical, building; electrical and plumbing (MEP) systems on our custom-built and secure Cloud.

Cloudalize: A BIM-ready Platform

Cloudalize’s GPU-powered platform is custom-built and fully-managed by an expert team of cloud engineers. We have already helped hundreds of companies in Europe and North America to implement and optimise their BIM progresses.

With Cloudalize, you can run all your BIM-specific applications and software where the data is super secure and shared amongst all the BIM project stakeholders including third-party contractors on the Cloud accessible from anywhere, on any device at any time. 

We can help you guide you through your implementation or optimisation plan to reach the BIM Maturity Level at which your company is satisfied to grow and develop into the future.

  • 3D modelling: Create your BIM project in full-3D glory on Cloudalize with your preferred design and rendering software.
  • BIM Project Files: Upload, organise and update your BIM project documents and models efficiently on Cloudalize.
  • Project Management for On-Time Delivery: Ensure all project stakeholders are up-to-date to advance in a timely and organised manner to delivery.
  • Real-Time Collaboration: Enable all project stakeholders to share the models, update the plan, give feedback and provide project insights.
  • Best-in-Class Tech Performance: Powered by the latest GPUs, Cloudalize provides you with the superior graphical performance and high speed to get the job done more efficiently.
  • Super Secure Cloud: Guarantee that your project data, files, plans and archives are safe and secure on ISO- and SOC-certified data centres.

Three Advantages of Cloudalize for BIM

There are three key features why to choose Cloudalize as your BIM technological partner.

1. Accurate

The I in BIM is for information. BIM will only work if all parties in the BIM process have access to consistent and accurate data. Our GPU-powered platform can easily run all of your BIM software and projects as well as any third-party plug-ins.

This functionality allows the seamless transmission of data between the software and the BIM project stakeholders. With Cloudalize, they always have accurate and consistent BIM data from multiple sources. It could not be more simple

Material information, generative design changes and team expertise is transferred from on-site to off-site or from client to contractor over Wi-Fi, 4G or 5G (where available).


2. Actionable

Cloudalize’s GPU-powered technology is a new way of adding value to your BIM processes and workflows. It enables you to gain actionable insights from the accurate data collected from and shared among all BIM project stakeholders.

Our platform gives your project team members a single-360-degree view of the project. It unifies all your BIM data and software from your preferred vendors on one platform. Cloudalize is able to pull data from one software to another and transfer it to third-party applications seamlessly.

What’s more thanks to the processing power and high-performance of Cloudalize’s platform, you can run next-generation computational design with the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Using AI to supercharge your BIM design software and tools can bring a new level of understanding and creativity to your design process.

Actionable Visual

3. Accessible

BIM becomes universal when using Cloudalize’s GPU-powered platform. From stakeholder to stakeholder, all roles and disciplines can take part in the BIM project workflow. They have access to the BIM processes, information and workflows from any device, at any location and at any time.

Cloudalize’s GPU-powered solution enables full BIM-to-Field operations. Everyone has access to the same project data and information to achieve the projects objectives and achieve goals

This can be achieved on your preferred device or operating system (OS). Cloudalize’s GPU-powered platform just functions. It supports an organisation’s Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) policy. It runs as easily on Windows as macOS, Linux or Android. No emulators are required. This flexibility enables all BIM project stakeholders to work together in real time

BIM Partner Visual

Cloudalize: Your BIM Partner

Harnessing the power of Cloudalize for BIM today enables your organisation to advise your clients, prospects and suppliers that you are BIM ready. Being a BIM-enabled partner, builds and reinforces trust and confidence in the marketplace. Cloudalize is tried, trusted and experienced with BIM and our platform offers your organisation an end-to-end solution for BIM enablement.

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