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Create the Future

Going digital and moving to the Cloud is straightforward with Cloudalize. Explore how we can help your business transform digitally to meet future challenges and to deliver better services to your suppliers and customers.


3 Features for Digital Transformation

Cloudalize has 3 unique features which will make your digital transformation efforts a success: Performance, Protection and Productivity. 


Cloudalize’s team is at the cutting edge of technology to advance digital transformation to meet tomorrow’s challenges today. Our solution is powered by the latest graphical processing units (GPU). Cloudalize’s own sui generis proprietary technology harnesses the power of GPUs to deliver unrivalled speed and performance for high-intensive graphical computer-aided applications and to enable artificial intelligence (AI), Deep Learning (DL) and Machine Learning (ML), Industrial Internet-of-Things (IIoT) with our clients.

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Digital transformation and moving to the Cloud can be daunting due to concerns surrounding the protection of proprietary and customer data. Leading manufacturing companies, architectural firms and world-renowned universities trust Cloudalize. Our solution is public to with a free version which guarantees control and customisation available for our clients and end-users over dedicated on the Edge, on premises infrastructure. With this special and dedicated service, Cloudalize guarantees a higher-level of service, security and privacy through company firewalls and HDX encryption technology. You are in safe hands.

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Leveraging Cloudalize as a central column of your digital transformation plans delivers flexibility, mobility and standardisation to create a truly digital workplace. IT teams are already using Cloudalize to set up high-performance infrastructure to enable AI teams in manufacturing. Building Information Modelling (BIM) engineers are using Cloudalize on-site over a mobile network and Cloudalize compliments your business’ Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) policy. 

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Why Cloudalize for your business?

Cloudalize brings all the advantages of the Cloud to your organisation with three unique features that sets our solution apart from the competition: Performance, Privacy and Productivity. 
Zero Lock-In
Transparent Pricing
Best-in-Class Performance
Be Future-Ready

Going Digital with Cloudalize

Cloudalize enables successful organisations to take their first steps in a transformation journey


Transform your manufacturing workflows from headquarters to shop floor while delivering better service and provide an enhanced end-user experience for your customers. 

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Education & Training

Use Cloudalize to deliver a new educational experience by using it to standardise setups and to give classes anywhere on their own devices (BYOD) while reducing IT costs. 

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Change starts with you.

Transformation happens with Cloudalize.

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