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Cloudalize Joins NVIDIA Cloud Service Provider Program to Enable GPU-Powered AI and Virtual Desktops for Business and Education in the Cloud

Ghent, Belgium – 10 September 2020 – Cloudalize today announced it has joined the NVIDIA Partner Network (NPN) Cloud Service Provider Program bringing GPU acceleration to the Cloudalize cloud platform. The Cloudalize platform enables on-premises private and edge clouds to more effectively power high-performance distance learning and remote working, as well as enabling AI development.

Cloudalize’s solutions are enterprise-ready for business and education, and exploit the full power of NVIDIA GPUs and Quadro Virtual Workstation software to power Cloud Workstations, the Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) solution as well as Kubernetes GPU Cloud for AI-enablement. Cloudalize’s DaaS enables remote workers and students to use demanding software and applications for computer-aided design (CAD), Building Information Modelling (BIM) and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software. Complementary to DaaS is the one-click app-streaming service to distribute real-time 3D apps on any device.

Cloudalize’s newest service is Kubernetes GPU Cloud. It is a fully-managed and pre-configured Kubernetes GPU Cloud, supporting any NVIDIA NGC containers for enterprises, data scientists, researchers and AI consultants. It is an enterprise-grade solution which simplifies the process of setting up and maintaining the infrastructure. It is targeted at customers who want a fast, flexible and effective way to build, operate, manage, and maintain a Kubernetes environment.

Cloudalize’s turnkey platform delivers services via an SLA from the same hyper-converged stack. This increases the effective load on the hardware from typical 20 % when only running virtual desktop workloads. This allows the customer to monetise the hardware 24/7 and reduce costs significantly as fewer nodes will be required.

Unique to Cloudalize is the flexibility of the platform and the user’s ability to tailor and optimise the hardware components to specific use cases. Cloudalize’s solution is delivered from its own custom-built cloud, an on-premises cloud in the data centre of choice, along with edge deployment from a container system.

“Modern workloads require high-performance compute and graphics,” said Jeffrey Meesemaecker, co-founder and CTO of Cloudalize. “With the Cloudalize platform, AI, HPC, data science, CAD, rendering and content creation capabilities are delivered securely and at the lowest possible unit cost while still providing an up-time guaranteed by an SLA.”

As a qualified partner in NPN’s Cloud Service Provider Program, businesses can work with Cloudalize to deploy NVIDIA GPU-accelerated solutions for modern workloads, including one-click Kubernetes workloads for AI, one-click app streaming when only one app needs to be distributed and virtual workstations.

“We see an incredible surge in the adoption of our platform by our customers as they are embracing truly flexible working and BYOD policies during these troubled times,” said Benny Willen, co-founder and CEO of Cloudalize. “Most notable are our educational customers who continue to teach specialised courses such as CAD, BIM and CFD by providing virtual workstations to their students as the traditional campus computer labs are closed.”

“Enterprises are turning to cloud-based solutions because they offer the flexibility and ease of use required to support remote work from anywhere,” said Matt McGrigg, director of global business development for cloud and strategic partners at NVIDIA. “NVIDIA Cloud Service Provider Program partners such as Cloudalize are instrumental in delivering GPU acceleration in the cloud for remote workers.”

About Cloudalize

Cloudalize provides an enterprise-ready cloud platform for small and medium enterprises/businesses (SMEs/SMBs), large organisations and education institutions. Its solutions are powered by the latest GPUs and its infrastructure is entirely unique being custom-built on Cloudalize’s intellectual property (IP). Cloudalize has fostered innovation in the Cloud and offers solutions which make the journey to the Cloud easier, simpler while being supported by an expert team of cloud engineers.

Cloudalize has data centres in North America and Europe and is backed by Hong Kong-based, Horizon Ventures.

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