Today Cloudalize announced the availability of Cloudalize, a graphics-accelerated desktop-as-a-service platform for cloud service providers (CSPs). Powered by NVIDIA GRID graphics virtualization software and the NVIDIA Tesla M60 GPU, the Cloudalize platform enables CSPs to provide their customers with virtual workstations from the cloud in less than three minutes. With Cloudalize and NVIDIA GRID, Cloudalize partners gain the power, performance and user experience of a physical workstation from anywhere and on any device. Demos of the new Cloudalize can be seen at NVIDIA’s GPU Technology Conference (GTC), held May 8 – 11 at the San Jose Convention Center, in Cloudalize booth 821.

Cloudalize platform

With Cloudalize, CSPs are able to deliver graphics-accelerated virtualization to their customers with no upfront investment. Now, service providers have a range of powerful advanced automation features at their disposal to instantly roll out collaborative and complete workspaces, delivered immediately from the cloud

NVIDIA GRID CSP Partner Program

For companies wishing to join the NVIDIA GRID CSP Partner Program, Cloudalize provides a wide choice of performance-optimized cloud workstation configurations to jump start their offerings. Cloudalize Partners can leverage Cloudalize in two ways: utilizing the platform’s toolset to manage their own DaaS deployment or white labeling the entire platform under their own branding. In addition, Cloudalize offers sales qualified leads and enables partners to focus on value-adding activities like application-specific knowledge, connectivity optimization and support services.

“Cloudalize is designed for channel partners to deliver under their own brand and allows CSPs to quickly and reliably deliver a unique graphics-accelerated virtualization platform to their customers,” said Tom Costers, Partner Channel Director at Cloudalize.

“What struck me about the Cloudalize partner offering is the attractivity of the model for service providers,” said Dr. Jon Peddie, President at Jon Peddie Research. “The revenue opportunity for the duration of the customer lifetime is quite unique.”

“As the desktop-as-a-service space continues to grow, service providers are looking for solutions that deliver quality performance and user experience from the cloud,” said John Fanelli, vice president of product for NVIDIA GRID. “Cloudalize, an NVIDIA Partner Network Preferred Cloud Service Provider, has paved the way for other service providers to seamlessly deliver the best performance and user experience for a virtual workspace.”

Spatial Affairs

Spatial Affairs Bureau is among Cloudalize early customers after comparing the Cloudalize offering to different alternatives such as IT providers proposing to build a bespoke VDI solution in the cloud.

“We compared Cloudalize and it quickly became the preferred solution for us because of its immediate availability and simple interface for end-users, incomparable cost-effectiveness on a monthly basis and zero upfront capex,” said Peter Culley, CEO of Spatial Affairs Bureau. “The direct and enthusiastic contact with the people behind the operation was at once enlightening and reassuring. The other options either required hefty upfront consultancy fees to build a VDI solution for us along with ongoing IT management or a jump into the dark for appropriate processing speed workspaces. We tested Cloudalize in multiple locations, and the performance has far outstripped the more traditional remote desktops we were trying to use for 3D designs and general office synchronicity. We decided to adopt Cloudalize in the course of just two weeks based on these factors.”

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