Who we are


At Cloudalize we persistently work towards a world where humans are seamlessly and harmoniously assisted by smart technology. We provide the right computing resources for the distribution of applications from visualization software or 3D game engines such as Unreal Engine and Unity. In this way, we provide powerful, instant and hassle-free experiences to any user regardless of purpose, device or location.

Our team

Benny Willen

CEO & Co-Founder

Jeffrey Meesemaecker

CTO & Co-Founder

Frank Verhofstad

Country Manager - The Netherlands

Marc Rotthier

VP Global Sales

Carla Praet

Management Assistant

Franciska Burvenich

People & Culture Lead

Tine Vyvey

Marketing Manager

Oliver Williams

Global Account Executive

Pietro Giannobile

Sales Manager - Americas

Gulcin Misirlilar

Sales Development Executive

Kristiana Brente

Sales Development Executive

Anke Mertens

Sales Development Executive

Vincent Tacquet

Infrastructure Director

Koenraad Willems

Technical Sales & Infrastructure Engineer

Jens Borgenon

Infrastructure Engineer

Lara Delange

Innovation Engineer

Philippe Ploegaert

Development Team Lead

Sander Keymeulen

Full Stack Developer

Jan Van Braeckel

Front-End Developer

Vitalie Condorache

Front-End Developer

Vlad Butnaru

Java Developer

Alina Anghel

QA Engineer

Eduard Biceri-Matei

Full Stack Developer

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