Who we are


At Cloudalize we persistently work towards a world where humans are seamlessly and harmoniously assisted by smart technology. We provide the right computing resources to accelerate app delivery, real-time collaboration and compute-intensive workloads. In this way, we provide powerful, instant and hassle-free experiences to any user regardless of purpose, device or location.

Meet our awesome team

Cloudalize group picture of team

The team members

Benny Willen

CEO & Co-Founder

Jeffrey Meesemaecker

CTO & Co-Founder

François-Xavier Fanard


Frank Verhofstad

Country Manager - The Netherlands

Carla Praet

Management Assistant

Chris Cillen

HR Business Partner

Thomas J. Hofer

Data Protection Officer

Tine Vyvey

Marketing Manager

Pietro Giannobile

Sales Manager - Americas

Gulcin Misirlilar

Sales Development Executive

Kristiana Brente

Sales Development Executive

Anke Mertens

Sales Development Executive

Caroline Verellen

UX Designer

Vincent Tacquet

Infrastructure Director

Koenraad Willems

Technical Sales & Infrastructure Engineer

Jens Borgenon

Infrastructure Engineer

Lara Delange

Innovation Engineer

Serge van Ginderachter

Systems Engineer Innovation

Philippe Ploegaert

Development Team Lead

Sander Keymeulen

Full Stack Developer

Vitalie Condorache

Front-End Developer

Alina Anghel

QA Engineer

Eduard Biceri-Matei

Full Stack Developer

Andrei Bejan

Full Stack Developer

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