Kubernetes GPU Cloud Pricing

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Cloudalize's Kubernetes GPU Cloud gives you cost-effective and transparent GPU-powered kubernetes

GPU Kubernetes with Transparent Prices

Cloudalize makes Kubernetes (K8s) simple for DevOps, data scientists and anyone who wants to make Artificial Intelligence (AI) a success. Our Kubernetes GPU Cloud offers a fully-managed Kubernetes infrastructure to orchestrate your containers powered by next-generation graphical-processing units (GPUs). 

Kubernetes GPU Cloud is cost effective and made for any budget. Cloudalize has made pricing simple and transparent. What you want, you get: you pay for what you use for as long as need without long-term contracts or complex billing.

Core Kubernetes Resources

You pay per minute with your required GPUs (up to 4 GPUs) and per storage needs. The auto-scaling feature allows you to optimise your capcity based on demand so you only pay for what you use of the GPU resources.

With Cloudalize, it is free to set up a Kubernetes environment. You will not be charged until you start harnessing GPU drop on the containers in your Kubernetes cluster.

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Kubernetes GPU Cloud Pricing Grid

NVIDIA Quadro P2000NVIDIA Quadro P5000
GPU Peak Single Precision PerformanceUp to 3.0 TFLOPSUp to 8.9 TFLOPS
GPU Memory BandwidthUp to 140 GB/s Up to 288 GB/s
Master Node1 node1 node
K8 Cost per MinuteEUR/USD 0.006 EUR/USD 0.01
Storage (250 GB) per monthEUR/USD 50 

*All prices exclude VAT or sales tax.

Kubernetes cluster and transit included in all plans. 

  • Free initial setup.
  • Container delivery: Kubernetes
  • Container OS: Ubuntu
  • Connection: Kube API
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Additional Cloudalize Resources

To help you build a GPU-enabled Kubernetes environment that can process the data and run complex algorithms at speed, Cloudalize’s Kubernetes GPU Cloud is a flexible solution which can be tailored to your requirements, from extra storage on your shared drive to additional or well-defined setups.

Cloudalize's Kubernetes GPU Cloud includes blockstorage and NFS (ReadWriteMany)


Supported storage provisioners for Kubernetes GPU Cloud include block storage (ReadWriteOnce) and NFS (ReadWriteMany).

Cloudalize's Kubernetes GPU Cloud Master Node give high availability for K8s clusters


For large deployments, we can set up multiple Master Nodes to provide high availability for your cluster, all in a single cloud environment which improves resilience

Cloudalize's Kubernetes GPU Cloud is a bestoke tailor-made K8s solution

Professional Services

If you require beyond a normal cluster setup such as managing applications on top of Kubernetes and providing object storage within the container environment, you can request our professional service at the rate of EUR/USD 100 per hour.

Cloudalize's Cloud platform is a bestoke tailor-made cloud solution

Tailor-made Solution

Kubernetes GPU Cloud like other Cloudalize products is completely customisable to your requirements, objectives and goals.

Start your GPU-powered Kubernetes Engines today

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