Big Innovations Have Small Beginnings

New innovations start with imaginative ideas and these days, it is data which is fuelling innovation in Artificial Intelligence (AI) as companies continue their digital transformation efforts to meet current and future challenges of the market.

Cloudalize GPU-powered Compute-as-a-Service (CaaS) is a unique custom-built private-cloud solution with all the latest features to meet such challenges head on. Cloudalize enables your AI teams – data scientists, DevOps, IT and engineers – to shape and predict future outcomes.

With Cloudalize, create workflows which learn from experiences, automate decisions and conceptualise business models for predictive analytics, computer-aided diagnosis (CADx) and financial modelling.

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Why Cloudalize?

Best-in-Class Compute Performance

Cloudalize exploits the power of Graphical Processing Units (GPU) in the Cloud to offer AI teams unrivalled computational power. Cloudalize offers multi-GPU container support, up to 4 GPUs per container to optimise intra- and inter-GPU through-put and latency.

No Vendor Lock-in

Cloudalize’s mission is to keep it simple and offer AI teams a straightforward solution which does not require any additional third-party hardware or software. Cloudalize’s infrastructure provides automated lifecycle management where software updates are applied continuously and without downtime.

Fully-Managed Infrastructure

Cloudalize offers a fully-managed infrastructure with optimised processing power and storage capacity for a wide range of applications. AI teams benefit from convenient access to self-service production-grade Kubernetes clusters allowing DevOps to focus on other critical activities.

Transparent Pricing

Cloudalize works on a pay-per-use model with no up-front costs. AI teams have access to a cost-effective infrastructure for which they only pay for the computational power used thanks to the auto-scaling feature allowing up- and down-scaling of GPU nodes.

Always On, Always Secure

Cloudalize is a private-cloud solution and was developed in-house by Cloudalize’s expert engineers over many years. Our platform is built in Tier-3 grade ISO- and SOC-certified data centres. These offer 99.98 % uptime and 24/7 all-around security and protection against power failures, floods or fires.

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What our customers say

Leuven-based Prophecy Labs is a client of Cloudalize's GPU-powered Compute-as-a-Service

“Complex work and optimising business processes is what Prophecy Labs does best. Cloudalize helps us to serve our customers better by offering unrivalled computational power from a straightforward infrastructure.”

Hakim Elakhrass Prophecy Labs

Hakim Elakhrass
Managing Partner
Prophecy Labs

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