Cloudalize for BIM experts


Get a GPU-powered workstation from the cloud to work on BIM projects, regardless of your location and project size. 

Cloud workstations offer more than just storage

Run graphical demanding design and rendering tools and collaborative environments on any device

Cloud workstations from Cloudalize are not just a storage solution to upload or to keep your files. With Cloudalize, you get the high graphical performance you need to run graphical demanding software for your BIM projects. Choose the graphical power you need and access your work anytime and anywhere. This allows you to focus on BIM coordination and to work more efficiently and collaborate more efficiently in real-time between different offices remotely or on-site.

Cloudalize for BIM and CAD - Revit on mac and tablet with Cloudalize

BIM enablement: better, faster & stronger

Discover the cloud computing benefits for your BIM projects

Remote Access

Cloudalize connects physically separated offices. All users can work on the latest designs from anywhere in the world on any device.

Boost Teamwork

You will have the opportunity to instantly transfer data in real-time between different offices remotely or at the jobsite.

High Performance

Cloudalize empowers architects and engineers with unlimited graphical resources to run any design tool (Revit, Solidworks, Lumion …).

Easy Management

Set up your cloud workstation for BIM environment in no time with Cloudalize’s easy to use and intuitive management platform.

With Cloudalize, we found a flexible and innovative solution to allow future projects to utilise Autodesk products and other GPU intensive PC-based programs on any device.

Allister LewisHead of Technology at Ayre Chamberlain Gaunt

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