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The next innovations in architecture, engineering and construction (AEC)

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  • Types of Cloud-GPU
  • What can Cloud-GPU do for you
  • Adoption of cloud-based graphics
From Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) to the Cloud
  • Direct-cloud streaming to AR/VR devices
  • Intelligent-virtual assistants in VR/AR
  • Towards 100 % BIM and collaboration in 3D

Cloud-GPU Graphics

GPU-power from the cloud is one of the most disruptive technological innovations of our time. Recent advances in technologies such as Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and deep-learning, introduce an abundance of opportunities for people to operate their business. 

Learn about the impact of GPU-power of the Cloud and its reach in emerging technologies which can transform the AEC sector. This white paper focuses on how cloud computing and graphics can help you change your workflows, partner collaborations and business model.

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Benny Willen - CEO at Cloudalize

Benny Willen is a founder and current CEO of Cloudalize.