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Support your customers to run GPU-intensive applications with a scalable high-performance platform all with your own name and branding

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Modernize and innovate your business by delivering state of the art cloud technology to your customers 

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Launch your very own branded cloud environment alongside your existing operations and gain a competitive advantage.

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Expand your recurring revenue base. No upfront investment in hardware, maintenance, support and energy consumption.

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Expand your technical know-how and rely on the technical expertise of our specialized support team to deliver customized solutions to your customers.

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Improved performance, full mobility to access your applications anywhere at anytime, extend the life of existing hardware, and only pay for the resources they need.

Luciad’s partnership with Cloudalize enables our customers to deliver dynamic situational awareness applications to their users anywhere, anytime and on any platform, By using Cloudalize’s GPU-accelerated MyGDaaS platform, users can interact with rich 3D geospatial graphics and powerful analytics on any device.

Marc MelviezCEO of Luciad