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As a digital creative, it is very likely that you have to rely on your heavy-duty workstation. You should be able to work from anywhere, be it co-working spaces or customer offices, without having to compromise on the tools you must use for your job. What if we tell you we have a solution for this: a new technology that allows you to use a powerful workstation anywhere, from any device and at any time?
VFX, movie and video editing workspace - multimedia en entertainment with Cloudalize

High performance virtual desktop for VFX, image and video editing

Cloudalize is compatible with the software you use in training courses

Freedom to work everywhere

Work at co-working spaces, client offices, home or any other place and device with an internet connection.

Peak performance

The latest powerful GPU’s will blaze you through special effects, the most demanding filters and real-time rendering.

Collaboration in a secure environment

Quickly get a secure access to central project files and collaborate in real-time with other project members.

Our unique features

Creativity just doesn’t come with a schedule and thus, the traditional 8-hour working day might not be the way you work. As a content creator, you need full flexibility in terms of time and location to do your job.
Cloudalize has all the GPU performance you need for 3D rendering and modeling, VFX, image and video editing. By using Cloudalize (GPU Desktop-as-a-Service) you get a personal workstation from the cloud so you can create or render your digital content on heavy graphics design software. Your computer is “always on”, so you can pick your work wherever you left off, no matter where you are. Need to run Windows software on your Apple devices? Have a look here.
You can run the workstation by using any web browser on any device connected to the internet.

We tested Cloudalize in multiple locations, and the performance has far outstripped the more traditional remote desktops we were trying to use for 3D designs and general office synchronicity.

Marc MelviezCEO of Luciad
Cloudalize cloud computing for multimedia and entertainment industry

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