Run any application on any device with the power of cloud computing 



Turbocharge your work

No more expensive hardware upgrades

Instead of having an expensive local PC with a high-end graphics card, Cloudalize’s Desktop-as-a-Service gives you real-time access to powerful GPUs from your own devices.

Looks and feels like a local PC…but better!

Cloudalize cloud computers brings a dazzling performance for business and entertainment needs and takes no space on your hard drive. Read more about what powerful cloud GPU can do for your business in our free white paper.

Access Your Work Anywhere

Freedom for the most demanding power users

Stop being tied to your desktop! Take your design wherever you go, at any time and connect from any device. Start a project at work, showcase it on-site and wrap it up at home.


Working from home and implementing a Bring-Your-On-Device (BYOD) policy cannot be easier.

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Instant Cloud Workspaces!

Eliminate your processor-intensive design stress by using DaaS by Cloudalize

Real-time Collaboration

Have everything centralized in one place while working with people and teams across the globe.

Scalable Resources

Change the size of your cloud desktop with a click of a button. Scale up or down according to the amount of users, projects and required performance.

Visual platform dashboard mobile
Visual platform desktop component mobile
Built for Security

With your apps and documents running in the cloud and not on your computer, your data never leaves our secure datacenter.

User-friendly Interface

No technical expertise is required thanks to Cloudalize’s straightforward and intuitive management platform.

Cloudalize's performance has far outstripped the traditional remote desktops for 3D design and real-time collaboration.

Peter CulleyCEO of Spatial Affairs Bureau

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