Every company has one or more heavy-duty computer users on its team. They need a lot of computing power or visual processing capability to get the most out of their job. However, the hardware and software solutions of these employees often require a lot of budget. On top of that, they are unable to perform their job in a flexible way because of their current (and perhaps even outdated) configuration. This can be achieved in a more efficient, economical and flexible way, no? The best solution for this is moving to the cloud! 

Get to know GPU accelerated Desktop-as-a-Service, a cloud solution for heavy duty computer users.

What is GPU accelerated Desktop as a Service?

Terminology such as ‘the cloud’ and ‘cloud computing’ often causes many people to wonder. That’s only natural: you have PaaS, IaaS, SaaS and also DaaS solutions. All these ‘as a service’ offerings have their own purpose, way of working, advantages and limitations. The most appropriate service can be chosen based on the needs of your business.

In this blog post, we focus mainly on GPU accelerated Desktop-as-a-Service (GPU drive DaaS). This extremely powerful form of cloud computing makes a lot of things possible in a matter of clicks:

  • Working far more optimized than ever before
  • Creating a smoother and more flexible workflow
  • Configuring a safer digital work environment

And last but not least, we would also like to emphasise the differentiator of GPU accelerated DaaS: it’s GPU power. This turns your local or virtual desktop into a powerful workplace. A GPU accelerated DaaS is therefore the ideal computer for people who need intensive processing power.

Already convinced of a GPU accelerated Desktop-as-a-Service?
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Why should you become a cloud-based company?

Startups, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) or multinational companies, it’s crucial to transform into a cloud-driven one.

Here are 3 reasons to make your move to the cloud. 

1. Wherever and whenever

A computer or files which can be accessed anytime, anywhere, without having your device at hand. A few years ago this sounded like a dream, today it is the main reason for moving to the cloud. As the name suggests, a DaaS solution is the best way to access your desktop from any location in the world.

For a long time, it was impossible for heavy-duty computer users to enjoy this maximum flexibility. However, the computing power offered by GPU power is a way to keep your device and high-performance apps at hand at all times and places.

2. Money, money, money

A company only grows when financial resources are available. In order to make the right investments, superfluous cost items must be removed. And you must admit: isn’t it great to reduce large expenses without impacting your employees?

A cloud-driven solution allows you to manage different costs:

  • Employees can work faster and more efficiently thanks to the benefits of cloud computing
  • Hardware and devices can get redundant very fast in this ever-evolving technological era. Cloud computing allows you to run graphic intensive software on your old laptop. There’s no need to update your hardware every once in a while.
    This is an important reason why power users choose to move their existing infrastructure the cloud. Their software and hardware often requires a lot of money. This budget can now be used for other investments. Learn more about ways to reduce costs in a collaborative BIM project via cloud computing in our previous blog post.
Moving to the cloud to reach your business targets with Cloudalize

3. Faster and more efficient collaboration


realtime collaboration across globe

Working together on one single file? That is no longer a problem. Access to unlimited-computing power gives the possibility to collaborate with different teams in real-time. The employees, freelancers, partners, …. of cloud-based companies can open, operate and even modify a certain file or application remotely. They no longer have to ask for the file and count on colleagues who have to search for and transfer the files. A win-win! Even with programs, documents or creations that require a tremendous effort of your computer!

Are these all reasons to become a cloud-based company? Certainly not. You can think of hundreds of other motives to move your current IT infrastructure to the cloud, depending on the needs of employees, customers and prospects.

In short: the sky is the limit when it comes to the cloud.

The pros of moving your IT-infrastructure to the GPU powered cloud

The reasons mentioned above apply to a very large number of companies and computer users. Moving to the cloud also offers a lot of specific USPs for so-called high performance users. We have listed the most important ones for you!

1. Virtual GPU power on demand

An employee who counts on GPU is generally someone with a visual job. He or she creates graphic output on the screen in no time at all. With such employees, hours of rendering can cost a lot of valuable time and money.

Powerful GPU processors in the cloud allow you to render faster, create visual things easier or assemble complete visual masterpieces in a matter of minutes.

2. The right configuration in less time

A new employee who requires the required visuals power? You can give him the appropriate setup in just a few minutes. Just create a virtual environment, set it to the desired device, complete the setup and your heavy-duty computer user is ready for his daily tasks!

3. A secure cloud environment

Moving to the cloud with Cloudalize.Security is of vital importance to everyone, but for employees who make unique graphic things, it’s just that little bit more important. The cloud may be accessible from any device, but not for everyone. An employee who access our super secure cloud environment has to go through a security procedure before he or she gets access to it.

Do you need a lot of computing power to process your data? If so, security is also key! That’s why a secure cloud environment is a lot more recommended than a physical location. A lot of companies will agree!

And last but not least in the cloud safety chapter: someone who needs a powerful computer often spends hours working on a particular task. A hardware error or a disaster (such as a fire) can in such a case ensure that this person’s work is gone forever.

Within the cloud, the data of these power users are not deleted and can easily be recovered.

Moving to the Cloud with Cloudalize

Looking for a cloud provider to help you move to the cloud in a secure and thoughtful way? Cloudalize is the go-to-solution for powerful custom virtual computers. Our DaaS software makes it possible to:

  • Access and edit your work anywhere, anytime
  • Work more smoothly and efficiently in your company
  • Save costs where savings can and may be made

…and that without any graphical restrictions. Thanks to Cloudalize, heavy-graphical programs can be accessed instantly from anywhere on any laptop, tablet or smartphone.