Cloudalize is the go-to solution for heavy software users. This mainly includes people with a graphical profession, such as 3D modelers or architects. They can easily run AutoCAD and Revit on our Desktops as a Service, but they also rely on Cloudalize to create (3D) renders in Lumion. Wherever and whenever they need to!

Discover how to run Lumion on Cloudalize.

What is Lumion? 

“Rendering” is a word that gives a lot of creative talents and architectural designers the creeps. To them, this term is the equivalent of long waiting times and tedious processes preventing them from working quickly and efficiently. Thanks to Lumion rendering software, this is now a thing of the past. Architects use Lumion to turn their CAD models into stunning renders containing everything they need. They place their model in the right environment, choose the best-fitting effects and pick some assets from the extensive render library.

Thanks to Lumion’s user-friendliness, efficiency and speed, the tool became a preferred (3D) rendering solution for architects. They can now create jaw-dropping images, amazing videos and (VR) panoramas in less than 15 minutes.

However, we do need to say that Lumion users need the right hardware or cloud software!

Cloud rendering with Lumion

Naturally, the speed of creating new, atmospheric renders and architectural designs strongly depends on the system you use.

3D rendering takes a lot of computing power. As a result, this process requires a considerable amount of effort from your system, making it difficult to carry out other tasks and causing computer problems. Cloud rendering is a valuable alternative in such a case. A Desktop as a Service transforms any device into a powerful 3D modeling and rendering workstation… all in the cloud.

That’s where Cloudalize comes in!

The benefits of running Lumion in Cloudalize

Our Desktop as a Service solutions offer many possibilities for Lumion users. Cloudalize clients who use this rendering software can count on:

  • A pre-configured Windows 10 environment. Mac is by far the preferred solution for architectural designers and graphic professionals. However, Microsoft is often very useful when creating new designs or rendering (3D) drawings. The Cloudalize DaaS offers you the best of both worlds: the power of Windows and the design capabilities of Mac.
  • The required (virtual) processing power. Creating a render or 3D rendering requires a lot of effort from a computer. This is often associated with the classic blowing noise or annoying battery drain. By choosing cloud rendering with Cloudalize, your renderings are created in a virtual (GPU-driven) cloud environment. Say farewell to all your processing-related inconveniences!
  • Complete access to the DaaS. You are in full charge of your virtual desktop. This way you can install new software whenever you want or need to. This comes in handy when you want extra software expansions or useful features!
  • A cross-platform experience. Cloudalize makes your Desktop as a Service accessible on every device, ranging from huge 4K screens to tiny smartphones. This way you can easily create new, atmospheric 3D renders and show them to the people around you.

In addition to this, Lumion users who work with Cloudalize also benefit from the advantages of a Desktop as a Service. An overview of all these benefits can be found on this blog.

How to run Lumion on Cloudalize?

Running Lumion on Cloudalize is quite simple.

  1. First of all, you need a Cloudalize account. Learn more about this on this page.
  2. Go here to download and install Lumion on your virtual desktop.
  3. Log in to Lumion with your Lumion account and license.

All set up and ready to go!

Lumion on Cloudalize

Want to get the maximum speed and usability out of Lumion without the hardware requirements? You have come to right place. With Cloudalize, you don’t have to have +3 GHz and 16 GB. Cloudalize’s virtual and secure desktop is ready from the moment you log in.