Multiple graphical software developers and Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) are looking for ways to distribute their high-end 3D visuals and demanding graphical applications to anyone, anywhere and on any device while maintaining a high degree of details. However, the performance of any demanding application is restricted to the user’s hardware and therefore they can’t guarantee the best user experience.

Introducing Cloudalize cloud desktops

Get your Architectural Visualization, virtual showroom, 3D model, interactive virtual real estate walkthrough and photorealistic configurator software in the cloud and benefit from fast, high performance cloud computing with Cloudalize. Easily integrate photorealistic 3D rendering and 3D visualization in any web-based or desktop application using the power of our cloud SaaS app.

Advantages of distributing your GPU-intensive applications via the cloud

1. Mobility

End-users demand instant access and more mobility even from graphics-heavy software. This requires a paradigm change for software vendors and their distributors. With Cloudalize virtual computing, you can access your 3D software at any time, using any device, whether it’s a high-end computer, a tablet or a smartphone. This means that you have the opportunity to instantly showcase your product or software at your users’ homes. Moreover, with Cloudalize, working from home and implementing a Bring Your On Device (BYOD) policy cannot get any easier.

2. High performance

With the introduction of 4K and the recent push towards even higher resolution displays, there is an increasing need of computing power for real-time rendering. With Cloudalize, that performance is available on demand with the ability to scale when more or less capacity is needed. By investing in cutting-edge cloud technology, we can deliver fast and reliable vGPU application hosting.

As the need for global collaboration increases, faster and more secure strategies are needed. Therefore, with Cloudalize, your data and applications are located in a safe and secured Tier 3+ data center. In other words, your data will be the safest it can be.

3. Distribution

Cloudalize is also available under white label. Our multi-tenant partner web portal can be fully branded with your own URLs and logos and enables reseller and sub reseller chains. We deliver an instant cloud version of your software without needing you to rewrite a single line of code. There is no need for any local 3D hardware or software, or plugins installation. Your virtual walkthrough of your building from Revit, CAD, Unreal Engine, Archicad, SketchUp and many more is just one click away. When moving to a cloud computer, you don’t have to waste your time on administration and updating the infrastructure. At Cloudalize, we are responsible for regularly updating our servers conform to industry standards. You can read here more about what Cloudalize can do for real estate.

Instant cloud solution for GPU-intensive apps

Do you have more questions about distributing your applications, models or software via the cloud? Contact us via the chat available on the website or via the contact form and we will answer all your questions.