The AEC sector is becoming more and more involved in collaborative construction projects with many stakeholders. Setting up such BIM projects is expensive and it requires a lot of capital. But, how can you reduce the cost of BIM projects? Come to Cloudalize! 

We outline below how you and your team can reduce the cost of your BIM projects by using a secure and virtual workstation from Cloudalize.

1. Instant deployment

Collaborative construction are very complex to deploy. Set-ups require cross-platform and cross-party accessibility. This includes the setup of virtual private network (VPN), accelerators, dataset loads, application alignment and much more. Furthermore, it may be necessary to purchase expensive project-dedicated servers or workstations. 

Cloudalize can be deployed in minutes. Firstly, it has an unique design and architecture developed by the founders, Benny Willen and Jeffrey Meesemaecker. Secondly, Cloudalize allows you to set up a GPU-powered virtual workstation without any upfront capital expenditure. To find out how easy it is, have a look at this how-to tutorial.

2.    Reduce security risks

Data protection is paramount importance these days. You need to protect the intellectual property of each party in the project as well as the project data itself. It guarantees continuity. Replacing a stolen tablet, damaged hard drive or a broken smart phone is expensive and time consuming. It increases your overhead, causes delays and will eventually hit the project margin. 

Reduce the cost of your BIM-software project by having it run on a Cloudalize workstation. All your project data is safe and secure in the Cloud with Cloudalize’s Level-3 security.

Your project’s files never leave the secure datacenter during the lifetime of the project. In addition, there is no need to have your data on multiple devices. Just power up your device, login to a Cloudalize GPU-powered workstation and away you go!

3. Work remotely

BIM in the cloud 5 ways to reduce costs in a collaborative BIM project via cloud computing

Your team is no longer tied to a desk in Brussels, London or New York. A modern construction company running BIM software needs to be flexible and able to move. Therefore, heavy-duty workstations are difficult and costly to transport to remote locations. 

With Cloudalize, you can work collaboratively from the Cloud 24/7. This means you could use a simple laptop or tablet to edit or navigate through your design in real-time while on location.

4. Only pay for what you need

Your project starts off with 30 engineers. All of them have a high-end and expensive workstation on which they work the project’s model. However, the project needs to scale to 50 engineers or more in an instant over the next 3 months. They all need a workstation which is a huge capital expenditure. 

A GPU-powered workstation from Cloudalize reduces the cost of scaling your project. You want extra 10 engineers working on a project? No problem! Cloudalize can do it all from the cloud. With our pay-per-use model, you only pay for what you need and use. In the end, you avoid paying for idle capacity and purchasing of additional physical workstation.

5. Ease-of-use

Cloudalize has a unique and dedicated portal for you to manage your cloud desktop. It is built from the ground up to be intuitive and to be easy-to-use. Anyone can set it up so there is no need for help from your IT colleagues.


Adopting BIM-software has enormous benefit for your projects. One study on a South Korean railway project estimated that the cost-benefit would be 1.3 if BIM was fully implemented (Shin, Lee and Kim. 2018). However, it can be expensive, labour intensive and time-consuming. 

But Cloudalize can help reduce the costs of a BIM-software project. A virtual workstation from Cloudalize is safe and secure on our dedicated servers. Cloudalize provides all the power that you need from our GPU-powered cloud solution which is scalable to the needs of the project. Cloudalize’s workstation provides ease-of-use which you can manage remotely from any location in the world with an internet connection.

Make your next BIM project cost-effective with Cloudalize!

Reference: Ho shin, M, Kyung lee, H & Yong kim, H2018. Benefit–Cost Analysis of Building Information Modeling (BIM) in a Railway Site. MDPI.[Online]. 10(4303), . [12 July 2019]. Available from:

Editor’s note: this post was originally published in November 2018. It has been edited and updated in July 2019. MMC